The image shows a Tammy doll standing next to a ruler. Beside her are a Curvy Barbie and a Tall Barbie. The blog post offers complete sewing measurements for making doll clothes for the Tammy doll from Ideal Toy Company.

#TapeMeasureTuesday: What #dolls’ clothes can Ideal’s Tammy #doll wear?

If you look at the photo I’ve posted today, you can see that vintage Tammy dolls (made by the Ideal Toy Corporation) can’t swap clothes with Barbie very well. My Curvy Barbie (right) is wearing pants made with the same pattern as Tammy’s plaid pants. Curvy looks more like a samurai than a fashion model in these pants! Tall Barbie looks like she’s waiting for … Continue reading #TapeMeasureTuesday: What #dolls’ clothes can Ideal’s Tammy #doll wear?