The image shows a green piece of felt with a Dritz snap on it. The snap is being sewn on using a needle and thread. A person's thumbnail is included in the picture to demonstrate the tiny size of the snap. The overlay says, "How to Sew Snaps on Doll Clothes" and offers the URL where one can find this and many other free youtube tutorials on the topic of sewing doll clothes (including a number of tips and trips). is a website that offers free printable sewing patterns for doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes.

How to #Sew #Dritz Snaps on #Dolls’ Clothes @

In early 2015, I made a video called “How to Sew Snaps on Fabric” which was very brief and extremely basic. However, it lacked some of the details that help you understand the differences between each snap and how to align your snaps neatly. This newer video offers all those details. Granted, it’s a longer video (about 5 minutes longer), but it shows you, step … Continue reading How to #Sew #Dritz Snaps on #Dolls’ Clothes @