The image shows a close-up of an arrowhead stitch in red embroidery floss on a blue-and-white gingham fabric. The overlay says, "Arrowhead stitch" and offers the URL, where the tutorial video is available for free. This tutorial video (also available on YouTube) shows how to do an arrowhead (or arrow head) stitch, using hand-embroidery methods. It's part of a bigger project: a windmill pincushion sampler. The pattern for the windmill pincushion sewing and embroidery sampler project is free to download at

How to Do the Arrowhead Stitch in Hand #Embroidery @ #DIY #Crafts

For a while now, I’ve been posting these little embroidery tutorials because they’re leading up to a windmill pincushion project that I’m planning to post the patterns for in November. If you haven’t seen my windmill pincushion yet, be sure to watch this video; it appears in there several times. The arrowhead stitch is relatively easy to make. It creates the pattern you often see … Continue reading How to Do the Arrowhead Stitch in Hand #Embroidery @ #DIY #Crafts