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Image shows Mattel's Tall Barbie from the Fashionista line wearing a pair of hand-made bell bottom jeans (boot cut jeans) with a tie dye shirt. She poses in front of a painting of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris (a facsimile of the famous painting by Monet), and she stands beside a wicker papasan chair with a handmade gray and pink cushion that has been upholstered with 1:6 scale buttons.  The Tall Barbie's expression looks cheerful and spontaneous, like someone took the photo unexpectedly.
Visit for free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes.

Yes, that’s my Tall Barbie® wearing the latest throwback pattern of bell-bottom jeans and a tie-dyed shirt. How cute is she?!

Today I’m previewing the patterns and tutorials I’ll be posting this week, and my focus is on the adorable style of the 1960’s. The bell-bottom pants fit Tall Barbie® to perfection, but a regular-sized fashion doll, like my Made-to-Move Barbie® (shown below) can also wear the jeans, as long as she puts on a pair of high-heeled boots or shoes:

Image shows Mattel's Made-to-Move Barbie wearing a handmade shirt decorated with peace signs and a handmade pair of elastic-waist pants (jeans). She stands with arms and legs spread wide to show that the jeans' hem touches the wood-look floor upon which she stands. The painting on the wall behind her is a 1:6 scale copy of Monet's painting of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. The Barbie looks to her left, and her blond curls flutter around one shoulder. Her skin is very tan, almost as if she may be of African American or another olive-complected or brown-complected ethnic heritage. Her lovely features seem to say, "I'm showing off my new hand-made clothes!"
Visit for FREE printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes.

The pants/jeans are a little long for a regular-sized 11.5-inch fashion doll, without heels on. However I bet they’d fit some of the taller fashion dolls besides Tall Barbie®.

Image is a bit grainy, as it's one of Chelly Wood's older photos. It shows a Teresa Doll (from Mattel) wearing a hand-made pair of elastic-waist pants and a hand-made jacket with a zipper that draws down the front. She poses in a dancing-prancing gesture with one leg behind and one leg in front of her, and one hand outstretched as if to beckon you forward toward her. Overlay says (the url of the designer who provides these sewing patterns for Barbie doll clothes for free).
Visit for FREE printable sewing patterns and tutorials for making doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes.

For example, when I was a kid, I used to have a Bionic Woman™ doll from Kenner. This doll was 12 inches tall instead of the usual 11.5 inches tall. I no longer have my Bionic Woman, but I do wonder if this pattern wouldn’t fit her.

Be advised, though: I tried these pants on Curvy Barbie® and found that they’re too narrow in the knee area of the leg. So they won’t fit your Curvy Barbie® unfortunately. So if you’re planning to make doll clothes to fit a Bionic Woman™ doll from Kenner, you might find the same holds true.

If you look back through my older posts, you’ll find that I did design a similar pair of pants to fit regular Barbie® and similar-sized fashion dolls (shown to the right on a Teresa doll). It was part of the zipper coat ensemble that you can find on my Gallery Page.

Since a lot of those older videos and patterns need to be remastered, I’ve been slowly working on that project. This pants/jeans pattern was first developed in answer to a request from my friend and colleague, Mrs. Ivy. (Hi Mrs. Ivy!) She wanted a pair of elastic-waist pants that were easy for her young daughter to slip on and off her dolls.

The new design still offers that easy-to-dress feature. And actually, these elastic-waist pants are really pretty easy to make.

For the more recent photo shoot, I especially like this shot of my Made-to-Move Barbie® seated in a wicker chair:

Image shows Mattel's Made to Move Barbie wearing a hand-made shirt (decorated with peace signs) and hand-made jeans. The doll, who has blond hair and a lovely tan complexion, sits in a wicker chair beside a wall. She crosses one leg over the other, highlighting how her little lime green boots are poking out from under the extra-long boot-cut pants. On the wall beside her hangs a painting of Monet's Notre Dame Cathedral. The doll's blond curls cascade over her shoulders and her expression is content.
Visit for free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes.

Those boot-cut jeans are perfect for Made-to-Move Barbie®‘s crossed-leg pose!

So come on back later this week, when I post the patterns and tutorials for making this retro ’60’s outfit for your fashion dolls!

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