Image shows Mattel's Ken doll wearing a traditional Kwanzaa hat with a green geometric-patterned shirt and mustard yellow pants. The female fashion doll standing beside him is a "Photographer" doll from the Lammily doll company. She has a curly afro hairstyle, and she wears a hand-made poncho with a colorful African-style print. Her skirt is red with a sparkly overlay of tulle. Behind them, on the wall, is a painting of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, and the furniture behind them consists of a wicker loveseat and a dark wood china hutch (which houses both elegant pieces of china and a collection of books). The dolls appear to be in close contact, with the male Ken doll placing his arm lightly around the female Lammily doll. Overlay says, " free printable sewing patterns and tutorials."

FREE #Kwanzaa #dolls clothes #patterns @

At the end of December and earlier this month, I shared my patterns and tutorials for the Kwanzaa poncho, the skirt worn by the Photographer doll from the Lammily company (the doll wearing the poncho), and the clothes worn by the Ken doll. But were you aware that the Photographer doll is also wearing my easy-to-sew doll shirt that I featured this past week? So … Continue reading FREE #Kwanzaa #dolls clothes #patterns @