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I posted each of these projects as separate blog posts some time ago, but I wanted to make it possible to access all of the patterns and tutorials for making each project, right here, on this one single page. That way, people will have easy access to all of these Christmas gift DIY projects in one spot. So here’s everything you need to make them: … Continue reading #GiftIdeas for #DIY projects w/ free #craft tutorials @

Image of ball-gown halter-style dress pattern with overlaid image of barbie doll wearing the dress made from this pattern

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If you stumbled at this website, hoping to find some easy-to-sew patterns and tutorials for fashion doll clothes, let me say that you’ve come to the right place! I actually designed this halter-style dress for my cousin’s little girl to sew. She was only 11 years old at the time, and she was pretty new to sewing. So I designed this pattern to be as … Continue reading FREE patterns for #easyDIY Barbie #dolls #dresses @

Image shows an Ever After High doll wearing a handmade doll dress with frilly sleeves and a wispy skirt that seems to be blowing in the wind. She is posed before a miniature quilt with pinwheels patterns sewn on a black background. The overlay says, "FREE pattern and tutorials: make a dress for tiny-body dolls." and this image comes from which offers free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes.

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This dress truly is lovely! Can you imagine sewing this dress using tiny holiday printed fabric? What little girl could resist it? Here’s a link to the free pattern for making this dress. If you’re wondering why I make patterns and videos without charging a fee, please visit the “Chelly’s Books” page, and that should explain my general motivations. It’s always friendly and kind to show … Continue reading FREE #MonsterHigh #dolls’ #holiday dress pattern @

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Imagine this outfit in Christmas colors and patterns. There’s so much you can do with a simple pattern like this! To make this easy-to-sew felt sleeveless shirt and elastic-waist miniskirt with tulle, please click on the following links for the free patterns and tutorials: Here’s a link to the skirt’s tutorial Here’s a link to the free printable skirt pattern Here’s a link to the felt … Continue reading Teen #dolls (like #Skipper) have free #sewing patterns too @

This image shows a fashion doll like Barbie wearing a pair of tights made from a single sock. This is a fairly easy sew-by-hand project, even for kids, so the overlay says, "Easy-sew projects for kids: doll tights" and the instructional /tutorial video showing how to make doll stockings / tights / leotards from a sock can be found on the free doll clothes patterns website:

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With Christmas right around the corner, you’ve got to keep your dolls’ little leggies nice and warm, right? What better way to keep those leggies warm than a pair of hand-made dolly tights? It’s easier than you think! Just have a look at the video, and you’ll see what I mean…   Additional Information: __________________ My Gallery Page is the easiest way to search through all of … Continue reading #Sewing Tights for #Dolls Is Easy as #123 @!

The image shows a Curvy Barbie walking in a garden. She wears handmade high-waisted shorts and a handmade crop top. The purple floral cotton fabric of her shirt and shorts contrasts against the green background of the garden. The overlay reminds you to visit for your free printable PDF sewing patterns for making this adorable summer outfit for Curvy Barbie dolls and similar sized dolls.

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The photo above shows my lovely Curvy Barbie® going for a stroll in the gardens around Montmartre in Paris, France. Yes, I really took my dolls with me to Paris a while back, and I had a blast taking photos of them all over the city! But that’s just a side note. The real reason you’re visiting my website is to download my free patterns and … Continue reading #CurvyBarbie™ #SewingPattern is free @ #dolls

Visit for free, printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows Mattel's Tall Barbie wearing white jeans and a short-sleeved peace-sign shirt in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Caption reads, "Chelly Wood dot com for FREE printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes."

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I designed the outfits in this post for fashion dolls with particularly long inseams, like my Fashionista Tall Barbie™. The shirt pattern includes a long-sleeved version, which is shown below: Oddly enough, the pants pattern is printed on the same page as my ironing board pattern. So below, I’m giving you links to the shirt pattern, the pants pattern, the ironing board pattern, and tutorials … Continue reading Sew clothes for #TallBarbie w/free pattern @ #Christmas #GiftIdeas

Image of ball jointed doll with handmade ironing board and cast iron flatiron. Overlay says, "Make an adjustable ironing board" implying the tutorial will show you how to make a doll-sized ironing board.

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Today I’m going to give you my free sewing pattern and tutorial for making this adorable ironing board. It’s about the right size for Barbie™, Monster High™, Ever After High™, Lammily™ and similar fashion dolls. To save space, I added a jeans pattern to the ironing board pattern. If you’d also like to sew jeans to fit your Tall Barbie™ (and if you’d like to … Continue reading #Dolls ironing board makes a great #christmas #gift (free pattern @

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Here we have a tiny-doll project for someone who is a beginning-to-intermediate sewist. (Any time you need to attach sleeves, the sewing gets a little harder than just beginner-level.) I still think this is a pretty easy project for tiny hands, so I’ve included this video in my “Easy-Sew Projects for Kids” tutorial collection. The pattern below goes with the tutorial above. It will fit most … Continue reading #Miniature #dolls’ dress pattern is free @ #dollhouse

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These shoes (and others using the same pattern) appear in a lot of my photos of dolls. That’s because I really love this pattern! These flat doll shoes are so quick and easy to make! There’s only a little sewing involved, and you hot glue the sole to the shoe when you’re done. I’ve found this particular shoe pattern fits most Barbies®, Liv Dolls™, Momoko® … Continue reading #Free #sewing pattern for #dolls’ shoes @

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It’s true; I’ve posted these patterns before in honor of Valentine’s Day, but with Christmas right around the corner, every dolly needs her little red dress to wear to parties! And yesterday I re-posted my pants, shirt, and tie patterns for Ken dolls, so now you’ll need a cute little dress for Barbie® to wear to Thanksgiving dinner! Therefore, are all the patterns and tutorials … Continue reading Easy Barbie® #dolls dress pattern for #Holiday #Crafting is free @

The image shows a GI Joe action figure seated near a beach. He's reclining barefoot on a wicker chair, and he looks very dapper in a 1950's style hat. He wears a white long-sleeved shirt with a collar and tie, and his legs are crossed. He wears jeans to add a casual "beach attire" look to his handsome demeanor. If you'd like the free printable patterns for making this outfit, please click on the link provided in the caption.

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I’m sure Barbie® has a dinner date with Ken® for Thanksgiving Day this year, so he’ll need some nice clothes to wear on their date! That’s why I’m re-posting these Ken® clothes patterns just in time for Thanksgiving. Of course, it’s G.I. Joe you see pictured in the image above, so if you’re looking for a great pants or jeans pattern to fit Ken®, take a … Continue reading Free Printable #Sewing Patterns for Ken #Dolls’ #Clothes @