Click on the link in the caption to navigate to the page that offers free printable PDF sewing patterns for making this Renaissance costume for your Momoko dolls and similar-sized dolls. The image shows a Momoko doll wearing a red gown with a red cap or bonnet. The style of gown is reminiscent of the 15th century in Europe.

Sew a #Holiday gown for #momokodoll w/ free pattern @ #ruruko

If you look closely, Momoko’s bonnet is a lot like the bonnets the pilgrims wore, and let’s face it, the Thanksgiving holiday is right around the corner. But this dress would also make a nice gown for the Christmas season as well. The elegant red and gold fabric made a gorgeous Renaissance-style gown for my Momoko doll. As you can imagine, I’ve created patterns and … Continue reading Sew a #Holiday gown for #momokodoll w/ free pattern @ #ruruko

Image of baby dragon pin cushion in a sleeping position, with overlay that says DIY (do it yourself) dragon pincushion with free pattern. Sub-heading says, " FREE sewing patterns and tutorials"

Here’s how to make my dragon pincushion #DIY #HolidayCrafts #CraftTutorial

This tutorial goes with the two free, printable patterns, which I posted just yesterday. But in case you’re looking at this post through another online venue, and/or you’re not sure how to access the patterns for making this adorable little dragon pincushion, let me make it super easy for you! Here are the links to the patterns you’ll need, if you want to make this … Continue reading Here’s how to make my dragon pincushion #DIY #HolidayCrafts #CraftTutorial

Image of "sleepy dragon" pincushion pattern with overlay that says, " free printable doll clothes patterns and tutorials"

#ChristmasGifts for #Mom and more with free patterns @ #handmade

This is the first of two patterns you’ll need, in order to make the dragon pin cushion I posted yesterday. This link will take you to the first pattern’s download page. Below is the second pattern: Here’s the link to the page where you can download that pattern as well. These are  re-posts, but as I have said before, with Christmas inching ever closer, I … Continue reading #ChristmasGifts for #Mom and more with free patterns @ #handmade

The image shows a baby dragon pincushion curled up into a ball as if he's sleeping. The overlay tells you where you can download the free printable sewing pattern for making this dragon pincushion:

Free #Pincushion pattern for #ChristmasGift giving @ #dragon

Some of you may recall my dragon pincushion, which I posted six or eight months ago on this website. Well, Christmas is fast approaching, so I wanted to be sure to re-post some of my craft tutorials–in particular, the ones that make good Christmas gifts. Therefore, as I wrap up this week, I’m going to re-post the free patterns and tutorial for making this adorable little … Continue reading Free #Pincushion pattern for #ChristmasGift giving @ #dragon

Visit for free printable sewing patterns. Image shows Made to Move Barbie wearing a patriotic dress (it looks a lot like she's wearing a US flag). She also wears a sticker that says, "I voted." Her headscarf is a patriotic independence blue with white polka dots (like stars) and the majority of her dress is red-and-white striped. One corner of her dress is also made of blue fabric with white dots. The watermark says, " free printable sewing patterns and tutorials for doll clothes."

#Barbie® is ready for #ElectionDay! Did you #Vote? Barbie® did…

Let’s face it. Barbie® has been an astronaut, architect, paleontologist, and teacher. She has served in the military, served as an ambassador for world peace, and she has been a candidate for the presidency since 1992. Why wouldn’t she vote? She’s an educated, worldly-wise individual, isn’t she? I hope you get out and vote today too! Your voice counts. I’m not usually a very political … Continue reading #Barbie® is ready for #ElectionDay! Did you #Vote? Barbie® did…

Image of Barbie doll in handkerchief-style head scarf with overlaying words "sew a head scarf for your fashion dolls"

#DIY scarf for #Election Day w/ free #sewing pattern @

This completes my Election Day outfit for fashion dolls. If you want to go back to see the patterns for the Patriotic Colorblock Dress and the Headscarf, just click on those links. Incidentally, this headscarf pattern is part of a summer doll clothes set that’s been quite popular. If you’re wanting to print a single pattern that will make an entire wardrobe for dolls, this … Continue reading #DIY scarf for #Election Day w/ free #sewing pattern @

Image of Barbie doll wearing babushka style headscarf and carrying a black purse with long shoulder strap beside sewing patterns for making the headscarf and purse

#HeadScarf pattern for #FashionDolls is free @ #dolls

Yes, this is actually a re-post. I used this same headscarf pattern to make the scarf that goes with my Patriotic Colorblock Dress Pattern, which I posted earlier this week. Since I displayed the dress with the headscarf, I wanted to be sure to include this free pattern too, before Election Day arrives. If you’ve been following, you’ll know that the Patriotic Colorblock Dress … Continue reading #HeadScarf pattern for #FashionDolls is free @ #dolls

Visit for free, printable doll clothes patterns. Image shows "Made to Move" Barbie wearing a dress that looks like a US flag. Overlay says, "Colorblock dress with FREE pattern." Watermark says

Sew a #DollDress to show your #Patriotism on #ElectionDay w/FREE pattern

Yes, it’s almost time for the big election, here in the United States. To show my patriotism, I’ve decided to post the tutorial (and pattern) for making this lovely colorblock dress. Tomorrow, I’ll post the pattern for making the doll’s headscarf. This patriotic dress pattern is designed to fit most 11.5-inch fashion dolls, like Barbie®, many of the Disney® princess dolls, and Queens of Africa™ … Continue reading Sew a #DollDress to show your #Patriotism on #ElectionDay w/FREE pattern

Visit for free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows a sewing pattern for Barbie-sized fashion dolls. It includes a measurement tool and image of a Barbie made to move doll wearing a patriotic dress that resembles the United States flag.

Free printable #pattern for #ColorblockDress for #dolls @

Today I’m sharing my Patriotic Colorblock Dress pattern for 11.5-inch fashion dolls. As always, it’s free to print. This link may help, as does this tutorial video explaining how to print my free patterns. Tomorrow I’ll post the tutorial, showing you exactly how to make this colorblock dress. It may seem odd to be posting a patriotic pattern in November. I actually designed this dress … Continue reading Free printable #pattern for #ColorblockDress for #dolls @

#November is here, and with it #Christmas #Crafting begins!

During the month of November, I’m going to be participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). To free up my time to write my novel this month, I’m going to revisit a couple of older tutorials that might make great Christmas gifts: my Instagram Pillow and my dragon pincushion. I’ll also be adding one new pattern for everyone: the tea towel toppers found at the bottom … Continue reading #November is here, and with it #Christmas #Crafting begins!