The image shows a Momoko doll wearing a renaissance gown with shift and bonnet. The doll stands in a foyer or atrium with statues and columns all around her. Her dress is decorated in ribbons and ruffles. Her shift is lacy. If you'd like to make these doll clothes for your Momoko doll, please click on the link in the caption for the free printable sewing patterns and tutorial video for sewing these doll clothes.

Sew a #Holiday gown for #momokodoll w/ free pattern @ #ruruko

If you look closely, Momoko’s bonnet is a lot like the bonnets the pilgrims wore, and let’s face it, the Thanksgiving holiday is right around the corner. But this dress would also make a nice gown for the Christmas season as well. The elegant red and gold fabric made a gorgeous Renaissance-style gown for my Momoko doll. As you can imagine, I’ve created patterns and … Continue reading Sew a #Holiday gown for #momokodoll w/ free pattern @ #ruruko