Let’s #Sew #DollClothes for Ken, Jake, or GI Joe w/ #FREEpatterns from ChellyWood.com

Image of African American GI Joe doll seated in a wicker chair with a beach background. He wears a hand-made shirt, tie, and jeans. His plastic fedora is designed to look like it's made of straw, and he wears it tilted at an angle. Even shoe-less in the sand, he looks very dapper! Overlay says, "ChellyWood.com: free printable doll clothes patterns and tutorials."
Visit ChellyWood.com for free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes.

Last week I gave you the sewing pattern for the shirt you see GI Joe wearing in this shot. (I also gave you a tutorial for making a pair of pants and a tie to fit Ken or Jake dolls.) This week I’m going to show you how to make the shirt that uses last week’s patterns.

I’ll post the patterns again, tomorrow, just to make sure you’ve got ’em.

Then, on Wednesday and Thursday this week, I’ll show you how to make the shirt and the Jake doll jeans with the back pocket that I previewed last week.

Now I must warn you, the shirt appears to fit GI Joe nicely, but the pants pattern and the jeans pattern that I posted last week are not likely to fit Joe. In fact, they barely fit Ken. They were designed specifically to fit Jake dolls. (Jake is a Liv doll from the Spin Master company.)

The biggest problem with designing shirts to fit GI Joe is the size of his hands. GI Joe has very large hands! But I believe this particular shirt pattern should fit over his hands just right. I had no problems getting this shirt on GI Joe whatsoever.

Still, if you’re sewing this pattern specifically for a GI Joe doll, I recommend trying the sleeves on the doll periodically while you work, because each GI Joe action figure is a little different. There are several different molds. And I have at least one GI Joe in my collection whose hands, arms, and chest are all too big to fit this shirt pattern. So before attaching your sleeve, try it on your action figure to make sure it will, indeed, fit.

I haven’t made a jacket to accompany these male fashion doll clothes, but that’s in the works. It may be a little longer before I have that pattern down, but this pattern for a zipper jacket actually fits Ken quite nicely, and here’s the tutorial for that one, if you’re in a hurry to make a whole suit.

All of my free, printable sewing patterns are found on this page, and this video tutorial can give you a few tips and pointers about how to print my patterns. I use a 1/4-inch seam allowance (that’s standard for fashion dolls). But if you have any questions that aren’t answered here, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m a friendly and likable person!

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