#Sewing #Pattern for a #Musketeer Tunic for Barbie

Here’s a picture of the musketeer version of the tunic I’ve made this week. On Monday I posted the “harlequin” version of the tunic. On Tuesday, I posted the pattern so my followers can make it. Wednesday I posted a YouTube tutorial on how to make the tunic. And today I’m showing you an image of the tunic with skirting, which is for more of a musketeer-style tunic.

To make this version, you do not hem the harlequin tunic bottom. Instead, you cut out a long strip of fabric (shown on the pattern with this picture overlaid). Hem the strip on one long side; gather the strip on the other long side. Then stitch it to the tunic’s waist.

On Friday I’ll post an image of the whole musketeer outfit. On my YouTube channel you can find my tutorials for making the musketeer hat, the sword, the sword belt, and trousers. I also have the patterns for everything I’m showing you, posted right here, on ChellyWood.com.

Image of Barbie doll in a Musketeers Tunic
Image: My Own Creation

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