The image shows the Chelly Wood doll (a re-designed Spin Master Liv doll with grey hair and wrinkles) holding up a Raggedy Ann and Andy plush doll pattern from the year 1970. It's McCall's craft pattern 2531, and it displays the classic Raggedy Ann and Andy with red yarn hair and Andy wears a sailor cap with a red gingham shirt while Raggedy Ann wears a dress with pinafore and bloomers. To learn about this pattern and what it means to various sewists online, go to to join the hashtag "sewing chat" along with Chelly's followers.

Did you have a Raggedy Ann or Andy doll? Share your memory @ #SewingChat #Toys

Today while I was shopping at a second hand store, I ran across this vintage pattern from 1970, and I just couldn’t resist buying it! Did you have a Raggedy Ann or Raggedy Andy doll as a child? And if so, what memories do you have of your doll? My aunt made mine, and at the time, I lived on the coast where it rains … Continue reading Did you have a Raggedy Ann or Andy doll? Share your memory @ #SewingChat #Toys

Here we see each of the doll clothing items found in Simplicity doll clothes sewing pattern #4510 from the early 1960's. This vintage pattern includes a wedding dress with a train and veil, a half-sleeve jacket, a business skirt, and off-the-shoulder evening gown with short pencil skirt, an overskirt pattern which ties in the back, a day dress, a pair of underpants and bra (or 1950's style bikini), a super short swimsuit coverup with ruffle, and an evening gown with straps and lace bodice.

Why bother buying a used pattern that’s missing pieces? Old Patterns => New Ideas @ #VintageSewing #VintagePatterns

About a week ago, I found this pattern at a second hand store. It cost me only 50 cents (American), but it was missing all of the pattern pieces except three skirt pieces. So why did I buy it? There’s a lot more to a commercial pattern than just the pattern pieces! For example, take a look at the drawn images of the doll clothes, … Continue reading Why bother buying a used pattern that’s missing pieces? Old Patterns => New Ideas @ #VintageSewing #VintagePatterns

This is the featured image for an article on mixing and matching doll clothes patterns. It shows Butterick Craft pattern 4687 followed by a plus sign, followed by a close-up image of two doll clothes items from McCall's Craft Pattern 83428, followed by an "equals" sign, followed by a completed doll dress and pinafore. The dress pattern came from McCall's craft pattern 83428 while the pinafore pattern came from Butterick pattern #4687. This outfit was made by Chelly Wood, the doll clothing designer. She combined the McCall's pattern (which was incomplete) with the Butterick pattern to create the handmade dress and pinafore we see in this featured image. The website where Chelly Wood posts her sewing adventures in making doll clothes like this is watermarked on this "formula" image: so please visit for free printable sewing patterns and tutorial videos for making doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and all different sizes.

Mix and match doll clothes patterns when a pattern piece is missing #SewingTips #DollClothes @

Last week I showed you a pretty elastic-waist and elastic-neckline Barbie dress that I made, using McCall’s “Teen Doll” Barbie Clothes Sewing Pattern #3429, which was first published in the 1970’s. Here’s the link to that blog post, if you’re curious, and here’s the doll dress I made, using that pattern: Unfortunately, the McCall’s “Teen Doll” Barbie Clothes Sewing Pattern #3429 was missing its pinafore … Continue reading Mix and match doll clothes patterns when a pattern piece is missing #SewingTips #DollClothes @

To access the free PDF sewing pattern, please click on the link in the caption. This is an image of a vintage Tammy doll (produced by Ideal Toy Corp in the 1960's) wearing a handmade ball gown, snood, pinafore, and detached sleeves in a renaissance style. offers a free PDF sewing pattern for making these doll clothes to fit the Ideal Toy Corporation Tammy Dolls.

Free Pattern for #Sewing #VintageDoll Dress @ #AntiqueDoll

Today I’m posting the pattern and tutorials for making this lovely Renaissance-style ball gown for the vintage Tammy Doll made by Ideal. I’m also including the tutorial for her easy-to-make snood. Below you’ll find links to everything you need to make this lovely outfit for your Tammy Dolls: free printable pattern for pinafore and “wedding” style dress free tutorial showing how to make the dress … Continue reading Free Pattern for #Sewing #VintageDoll Dress @ #AntiqueDoll