Did you have a Raggedy Ann or Andy doll? Share your memory @ ChellyWood.com #SewingChat #Toys

Today while I was shopping at a second hand store, I ran across this vintage pattern from 1970, and I just couldn’t resist buying it!

Did you have a Raggedy Ann or Raggedy Andy doll as a child? And if so, what memories do you have of your doll?

My aunt made mine, and at the time, I lived on the coast where it rains a lot. I played with my Raggedy Ann out in my outdoor clubhouse/playhouse, and sadly, I left her out there.

When I realized she had been left out in the playhouse, I discovered that she had grown freckles on her face — right across her triangle nose!

Yep. It was mold. 😢

And my mother wanted to throw her away, but I resisted with all my might until it led to a crying fit.

So Mom washed her, but the mold “freckles” were forever stained on her little flat dolly face.

Please share your memories of Raggedy Ann and Andy in the comments section below. I really enjoy reading the comments you guys have been leaving, and it looks like you’re enjoying this Monday #SewingChat feature segment as well, based on the comments I got on last week’s post: “Why aren’t there more multicultural dolls featured on sewing patterns?”  (Click on that link to re-visit last week’s #SewingChat topic.)

If anyone’s interested in buying my Raggedy Ann and Andy plush doll pattern, you may want to follow my eBay store. I haven’t decided whether or not I really want to sell this pattern, but if I do, you’ll see it posted both here and on eBay.

8 thoughts on “Did you have a Raggedy Ann or Andy doll? Share your memory @ ChellyWood.com #SewingChat #Toys

  1. My daughter had a Raggedy Ann doll, don;t rember where it came from or how she got it. I made my granddaughter both Raggedy Ann and Andy back in the 80’s. I rember it was difficult to find a book to go with them. To my knowledge both dolls are loved by two granddaughters. I plan to make one for my new granddaughter.

  2. My Mom made Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls for myself, my sister, and all of her grandchildren. She made 24″ and I think it was !5″ Raggedy Ann and Andy. Some of these were donated to churches for fund raisers and some she sold. She also made all my sisters Barbie doll clothes, which my sister still has. We have her pattern for Raggedy Ann and Andy and wish we had her Barbie patterns. She passed away six years ago and we miss her very much but remember her always when we see these dolls and patterns. My sister and myself are now sewing doll clothes and masks for her grandchildren and my great nieces. Thank you for sharing your patterns and sewing knowledge with the world.

    1. If you want to buy the Barbie doll clothes patterns you remember your mom using, you may be able to find the same designs on eBay.

      Thank you for sharing your memory!

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