Visit for free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows a pattern for the felt cat mask, felt mittens, felt tail pattern, and felt pumpkin / jack-o-lantern candy basket that are shown in the image of a fashion doll wearing a cat costume and carrying a jack-o-lantern candy basket for Halloween celebrations. This pattern, and the video tutorial that shows how to make it (along with all the free sewing patterns) are found at

FREE felt #jackOlantern and #cat #mask pattern @

If you’re not sure what this pattern is all about, have a look back at Monday’s post. This week I’m re-posting last year’s Halloween-themed costumes for fashion dolls. The cat costume includes the bodysuit pattern, the easy-to-make tights, and the mask, tail, and mittens that are part of the pattern above. The pumpkin/ jack-o-lantern pattern is really fun and quite easy to make, in my … Continue reading FREE felt #jackOlantern and #cat #mask pattern @

Visit for free, printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image is a printable pattern for a body suit / bodysuit that fits most 11.5 inch fashion dolls like Barbie, Momoko, Liv dolls, and similar-sized dolls. The doll is shown wearing the body suit as part of a Halloween cat costume and also as a simple bodysuit like a gymnast might wear.

DIY #felt bodysuit for your #fashion #dolls with FREE pattern @

This is an updated-and-improved version of the free bodysuit pattern I posted at about this time last year. This bodysuit goes with my fashion doll cat costume, which is part of the Halloween doll clothes project I’m posting all week long. Tomorrow I’ll offer the free patterns for making her mask, mittens, and tail, and the day after that, I’ll post the patterns for the … Continue reading DIY #felt bodysuit for your #fashion #dolls with FREE pattern @

#Halloween cat and #ghost costumes for #dolls w/FREE patterns @

This week I’m re-posting the free sewing patterns and tutorials for the cat costume (which is designed to fit most 11.5-inch fashion dolls), the ghost costume pattern (which fits little dolls like Chelsea, Polly Pocket, and similar-sized dolls), and the pattern for making the adorable little pumpkin candy basket that you see in the image above. The cat costume includes a bodysuit, which is why … Continue reading #Halloween cat and #ghost costumes for #dolls w/FREE patterns @

Image shows Mattel's made-to-move Barbie sporting a ninja costume and mask that covers all of her head except the eyes. Overlay says DIY ninja fashion doll MASK. The image's watermark reads, " free printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes."

#Sew a ninja’s #Mask for #FashionDolls w/ free pattern at

Who doesn’t love ninjas? For anyone who loves both fashion dolls and ninjas, this is the perfect gift! Now you can sew a fashion doll ninja mask to fit most 11.5 inch / 29 cm fashion dolls, like Barbie®, Queens of Africa™, Gloria™ dolls, and similar-sized dolls! Here are the links to the patterns, once again, for your convenience: Ninja costume pattern 1 Ninja costume pattern 2 For … Continue reading #Sew a ninja’s #Mask for #FashionDolls w/ free pattern at

FREE printable sewing patterns for #Halloween #dolls’ #costumes

Happy Halloween everyone! I’m trying to keep all of my patterns and tutorials organized by posting an image like this once in a while, with links to everything you need to create the outfits shown in the image. Then, over the weekend or in the week that follows, I create a link from the Gallery Page to a page like this one. The idea is … Continue reading FREE printable sewing patterns for #Halloween #dolls’ #costumes

Image shows an orange jack-o'-lantern with black eyes, nose, and mouth. It's shaped like a bag or bucket with a green ribbon handle. The "candy bag" is made of felt. Overlay says, "Tiny DIY Halloween Candy Bag" and it offers the website where the free pattern can be found.

Make a #Crafty #Halloween #Pumpkin Candy Bucket or Bag

This wraps up my Halloween sewing projects for this year. Earlier I showed you how to make a cat costume for fashion dolls, a ghost costume for miniature dolls, and now I’m bringing this segment to a close with this adorable jack-o’-lantern Halloween candy bucket or candy bag. It’s made of felt and ribbon, with just a touch of embroidery floss. Frankly, it’s so easy to … Continue reading Make a #Crafty #Halloween #Pumpkin Candy Bucket or Bag

Image shows an actual, printable sewing pattern for a cat-shaped felt mask that fits Barbie sized fashion dolls. Along with that is a pattern for a pumpkin bucket, cat paw mittens, and a cat's tail. These patterns, when cut out and sewn, will make a number of accessories that fit Barbie and similar-sized dolls.

Free printable #sewing pattern for #Dolls’ #HalloweenCandy basket

Here’s a re-post of pattern #1 for my fashion doll Halloween costume set. I’ve been getting requests to include a measurement gauge; therefore you’ll find this pattern, along with some of the other new patterns, have a small measurement tool on the patterns themselves. This is designed to help you determine whether or not you’ve printed my patterns to the right scale. It also helps to watch my … Continue reading Free printable #sewing pattern for #Dolls’ #HalloweenCandy basket