Image shows Superstar Barbie, nude, standing next to the modern Teresa doll, with a ruler in between the two dolls. Overlay says, " free printable sewing patterns and tutorials."

Vintage #Barbie #patterns on new Barbie #dolls @

Sorry about the nude dolls everyone! But I often get questions about the differences between vintage Barbies made by Mattel and today’s Barbies. The photo above shows that their bodies are definitely different. How are they different, though? Will the older doll’s clothes fit the newer dolls and vice versa? I’ve been asked this question often, over the years, and I can tell you a … Continue reading Vintage #Barbie #patterns on new Barbie #dolls @

Image shows a Tall Barbie from Mattel's Fashionista line wearing a hand-made tie dye shirt. The shirt, on close inspection, is made from easy-to-sew felt, and the overlay says "Easy DIY Doll Shirt," and it offers the following URL:

Easy Barbie/Fashion #Dolls Clothes: #Sew a #Felt Shirt

  This week’s free sewing pattern is for the easiest doll sewing project ever! You can make a simple sleeveless shirt out of felt. The pattern and project are ideal for beginners. In case you didn’t see yesterday’s post, here’s the free, printable pattern with a measurement tool (so you can print it out and get the size right). Today’s tutorial is actually a remastered … Continue reading Easy Barbie/Fashion #Dolls Clothes: #Sew a #Felt Shirt

Please visit for free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows a printable pattern for a holiday dress for 10 inch or 11 inch fashion dolls like Skipper Doll, Petite Barbie, Project MC2 dolls, 10 inch Disney Princess Dolls, Stacie Dolls, Momoko Dolls, and many other 10" or 11" dolls

FREE #holiday #dress pattern for 10 or 11 inch fashion #dolls @

  Yes, yes, I know what you’re thinking: “That’s the same pattern she posted back in October!” Well you’re right. It’s the same pattern, but the holiday dresses we’re making in December use the pattern in a different way, to create whole new looks with this one pattern! Don’t believe me? Look back at Monday’s post to see all the different dolls this dress pattern … Continue reading FREE #holiday #dress pattern for 10 or 11 inch fashion #dolls @

Image of sewing pattern for a sun dress with straps. Overlaid with images of Barbie dolls wearing the sun dress in a red plaid print fabric.

Flouncy #DressPattern for #FashionDolls is #14 on my top free sewing patterns list

This is my “Flouncy Dress” pattern for fashion dolls, and it’s #14 on my list of the “Top 15 Downloaded Patterns from” If you haven’t heard about this series of posts, go back to visit my announcement page for the Top 15 series. That will explain my plans for the month of May on __________________ My Gallery Page is the easiest way to search through … Continue reading Flouncy #DressPattern for #FashionDolls is #14 on my top free sewing patterns list

Images shows a collage of sewing patterns for dolls. Overlay says " free printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes."

#MostPopular FREE Patterns on my #WordPress Website: #May2017

Those of you who know me in real life are aware that I’m a librarian. During the month of May, my paying job gets pretty hectic with standardized tests in our school library and the task of inventorying our library’s holdings. So I won’t have the opportunity to design new patterns for a while. Therefore, I’m going to take a little time off from my blog … Continue reading #MostPopular FREE Patterns on my #WordPress Website: #May2017

Image shows a lined printable pattern for both a bikini style swimsuit (top and bottoms) and a pair of capri pants (capris). Overlaid text offers the name of the website where this free printable sewing pattern can be found:

#Retro swimsuit pattern for fashion #Dolls is free @ #CraftyMom

Here’s my free, printable sewing pattern for a retro swimsuit. As you can see by the heading, you could potentially make the bikini top into a bra; similarly, you could make the shorts/bikini bottom into underpants. I haven’t created a bra and panties set with this pattern yet, but I’m anxious to do so! I’m currently working on the capris (along with a turtleneck in … Continue reading #Retro swimsuit pattern for fashion #Dolls is free @ #CraftyMom

Image shows Curvy Barbie (from Mattel) wearing a handmade top and handmade long skirt. The skirt's fabric is decorated with glitter and shamrocks. Overlay says, "DIY doll Skirt with free pattern" and watermark says, "".

#DIY skirt for Curvy #Barbie® w/ free pattern @ #Dolls

Just look at that adorable long shamrock skirt! As it says in the video, this skirt pattern should fit nearly any fashion doll, within reason. The trick, once again, is to measure the doll’s waist for the elastic. That way you can be sure it will fit her waist once the elastic gathers the fabric. Here’s a link to the pattern you’ll need. And since … Continue reading #DIY skirt for Curvy #Barbie® w/ free pattern @ #Dolls