The image shows a Kit Kittredge 6 inch American Girl doll (AG dolls) wearing a handmade T-shirt. The overlay says 6" doll t-shirt and offers the URL where you can find free printable sewing patterns to fit the 6-inch AG doll and many other dols of different shapes and sizes. This image is a youtube video header, and in the video, Chelly Wood shows you how to hand-stitch this tiny tee shirt for little American Girl Mini dolls.

#SewingBlogger Thursday: Let’s #sew a T-shirt for 6″ Mini #AmericanGirl #dolls!

Today’s video shows us how to hand-stitch a T-shirt for the teeny-tiny 6.5-inch American Girl dolls (Minis). What’s that you say? You didn’t know American Girl made a Mini? Why, yes they do! Here’s a link to the American Girl official website, where you can buy these adorable little dolls. Click here if you just want to see their line of Minis. The free pattern … Continue reading #SewingBlogger Thursday: Let’s #sew a T-shirt for 6″ Mini #AmericanGirl #dolls!

The image shows a simple pattern for the bodice of a shirt for 18-inch dolls like the American Girl dolls, Madame Alexander 18" dolls, and Journey Girls 18 inch dolls. This pattern is free, printable, and comes with an instructional tutorial video showing how to sew the pattern. The watermark on the pattern is and the pattern also has a creative commons "attribution" mark.

Free doll clothes patterns for 18-inch dolls’ shirts @ #dolls #sewing #hobbies

If this pattern looks familiar to my regular followers, that’s because it’s the same pattern we used for the basic felt top for 18 inch dolls a while back. However tomorrow I’ll also be posting the long sleeve that matches this pattern, so you can create the long-sleeved velvet shirt that I posted preview pictures of yesterday. So please come back tomorrow for the rest … Continue reading Free doll clothes patterns for 18-inch dolls’ shirts @ #dolls #sewing #hobbies

#Sew summer clothes for 18-inch (46 cm) #dolls w/free #patterns and tutorials @

Here are all the patterns and tutorial videos you’ll need, for making the adorable summer outfit shown in the images above and below: Free felt shirt pattern for 18-inch dolls / 46 cm dolls Easy sewing instructions for making the felt shirt Free shorts pattern for 18-inch dolls / 46 cm dolls Easy sewing instructions for making the shorts Free pattern for 18-inch doll / … Continue reading #Sew summer clothes for 18-inch (46 cm) #dolls w/free #patterns and tutorials @

The image shows the thumbnail for a YouTube tutorial video showing how to sew a bikini swimsuit for 18-inch dolls like American Girl dolls and Madame Alexander dolls. The American Girl doll called Kaya is shown modeling this two-piece swimsuit for dolls, and her swimsuit forms a training-bra-style bikini top and briefs or bikini bottoms that go up to her true waist. The watermark on this youtube header says "," the website where the free pattern for this 18-inch doll swimsuit pattern can be downloaded and printed for free. The words on the youtube tutorial header state: "Doll bikini Part 2" because this is the second tutorial in the series.

Today’s #tutorial shows how to make a #dolls swimsuit top @ w/FREE #patterns!

Here’s the tutorial for the 18-inch doll bikini swimsuit top that I’ve been tooting my own horn about! I’m really excited about this swimsuit project, and I hope you really enjoy making it! As a reminder, this swimsuit pattern uses jersey fabric, but you could probably just as easily use real swimsuit fabric for it. In addition to making a bikini out of this free … Continue reading Today’s #tutorial shows how to make a #dolls swimsuit top @ w/FREE #patterns!

The image shows Ideal's 16" Velvet doll wearing hand-made doll clothes along side a 14-inch doll (Hearts4Hearts) and a 15-inch doll (Wellie Wisher). Velvet is a vintage doll and is the cousin of the Crissy doll, from the Ideal toy company. Velvet's handmade doll clothes are made with free printable sewing patterns found at These skirt patterns and shirt patterns are designed to fit all three dolls, so the dolls can swap clothing. These free patterns are easy to download and print, and each free doll clothes pattern comes with a youtube tutorial that shows you instructions for making the outfits using the free patterns. Vintage Velvet doll stands at 16 inches tall, and these patterns will fit her easily.

Free Shirt Pattern for 14 inch, 15 inch, and 16 inch #Dolls @ #Sewing 4#Kids

Last week we made the skirts. This week we’re going to sew up some cute little felt shirts to go with our back-to-school skirts. Once again, this week’s free pattern for a felt shirt will fit the 14-inch Hearts4Hearts Girl doll (Consuelo is pictured in the center above), the 15-inch Wellie Wisher doll (my Kendall doll is on the right), and the 16-inch Crissy/Velvet doll from … Continue reading Free Shirt Pattern for 14 inch, 15 inch, and 16 inch #Dolls @ #Sewing 4#Kids

Image shows a crochet hook and a ball of yarn with the words "free crochet doll clothes" and the URL (free doll clothes patterns and tutorials).

#FreebieFriday @ = #AmericanGirl #Dolls’ Outfit #Giveaway!

Hey everybody! My friend Norma, over at AllMyCrafts on YouTube is giving away one of her hand-made crochet American Girl doll outfits! All you have to do to win is subscribe to her awesome DIY crochet channel, then like her video on YouTube, and leave a comment on the video (the same video I’m showing you above, but you need to leave your comments on … Continue reading #FreebieFriday @ = #AmericanGirl #Dolls’ Outfit #Giveaway!

This image is a free printable pattern for American Girl Doll clothes. specifically, it's a doll's summer shirt that's designed in a halter-top / tank top style with ribbon ties at the neck. You can use Velcro or snaps for the AG doll shirt's closure. It has one pocket. The free pattern is easy to download at where you can find more free printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. This dolls summer top is designed to fit 18" dolls (46 cm dolls) like the 18 inch American Girl dolls or the 46 cm Madame Alexander dolls. The pattern is marked with the "Creative Commons Attribution" symbol, which means you may use these free doll clothes patterns, but please show your appreciation by sharing them on social media.

#Free #AGdoll summer shirt pattern @ #sewing 4#dolls

Hi everyone! I’m very excited about these doll clothes patterns that I’ve designed to fit 18 inch dolls like American Girl Dolls, Madame Alexander dolls, and others! At the start of 2018, I polled my followers to find out which dolls they wanted me to design doll clothes for in the new year, and American Girl / Madame Alexander, and other 18″ dolls took first … Continue reading #Free #AGdoll summer shirt pattern @ #sewing 4#dolls