Create a #Crafty #Renaissance Costume for Your #Vintage Tammy Doll

On Monday I showed you how the whole thing looks when it’s done. Tuesday I shared my free, printable pattern for Tammy doll’s Renaissance dress. Yesterday I showed you the video for putting together Tammy’s gown (or shift). Today’s video shows you how to piece together her pinafore.

There’s something missing though! What about the snood? Here’s a video that shows you how to make the snood.

And what about the sleeves? This video shows you how to make her Renaissance-style, lace-up sleeves.

But the one below is the basic, fundamental pinafore tutorial. I realize the illustration is for Barbie, but you piece the pinafore together in exactly the same way for Tammy doll.

Do you find yourself wondering why Chelly Wood gives away her free doll clothes patterns, tutorials, and even, sometimes the outfits themselves? Click on Chelly’s Books to find out why.

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