The image shows a pattern for a little pincushion designed in the shape of a Dutch windmill (like those found in the Netherlands). The pattern has been marked with a "creative commons attribution" symbol, and it offers a measurement tool and a photo of a finished windmill pin cushion. The URL watermark on this printable paper pattern says, which is where you will also find an instructional youtube tutorial video showing you how to sew and how to do the embroidery stitches for this Dutch windmill pincushion craft project / sewing project / embroidery sampler project. This Dutch windmill pincushion in the style of a Netherlands wind mill would make a great gift idea for someone who sews or does embroidery.

Sew a #Dutch windmill #pincushion with free #sewing pattern @ (just like the old wind mills found in the #Netherlands)!

Hopefully you’re as excited as I am about this adorable Dutch windmill pincushion project! I actually started this project a full year ago, but I’ve waited to post it until just before Christmas because I think it would make a fantastic Christmas gift for anyone who sews or collects miniatures. Here’s a link to the Dutch windmill pincushion pattern for easy download. There have been … Continue reading Sew a #Dutch windmill #pincushion with free #sewing pattern @ (just like the old wind mills found in the #Netherlands)!

This is a free printable sewing pattern for 11.5 inch dolls like Mattel's Barbie dolls. The pattern includes shorts, capri pants, and a tank top shirt. Instructional tutorial videos accompany this free barbie doll clothes pattern, and these tutorials can be found at

#Autumn Harvest #Dolls’ Clothes #Patterns: a New Look to an Old Pattern @

This week we’re re-visiting what used to be my “Summer Wardrobe” pattern for 11.5-inch fashion dolls like Mattel’s Barbie and similar-sized dolls.┬áThis was one of the earliest patterns I posted on, which is why it is hand-drawn. You can see that I’ve re-named it the Summer or Fall Wardrobe Pattern. People who live south of the equator–Australians, Africans in southern regions of the continent, … Continue reading #Autumn Harvest #Dolls’ Clothes #Patterns: a New Look to an Old Pattern @

This is a FREE pattern for boxers, summer shorts, basketball shorts, elastic-waist trousers, or pajama pants to fit broad-bodied, muscular action figures and male fashion dolls like Mattel's Broad Ken dolls, GI Joe action figures, and similar-shaped 12-inch male dolls. The pattern includes instructions for seam allowances, a creative-commons attribution symbol, and a measurement tool. There's also instructions for locating the free sewing tutorial videos on YouTube and the URL of the doll clothes patterns website: This is one of many free printable doll clothes patterns found at (designed by doll clothing designer, Chelly Wood).

Let’s sew #boxers for broad male #dolls or #actionfigures w/free #patterns @

Yesterday I showed you the preview of this pattern. Here’s the pattern itself, which is free to the public with its “Creative Commons Attribution” symbol. (Scroll down to “Additional Information,” to learn more about Creative Commons Attribution and what it means.) To make it really easy for you to print, I’ve included a link to the pattern as a media file below: Free printable sewing … Continue reading Let’s sew #boxers for broad male #dolls or #actionfigures w/free #patterns @

The image shows a free printable dress pattern for a basic dress, which can be made into a "fluttery" holiday dress, great for birthday gifts, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, or other holidays. The dress pattern fits Mattel's Barbie, Mattel's Midge, and most other fashion dolls in the 11.5 inch (i.e. typical Barbie) size range. This dress can be made with or without sleeves. Free tutorial videos show how to make this dress for Barbie-sized dolls in the sleeveless or cap sleeve methods. This free printable pattern for a Barbie-sized dress is watermarked with the website and has been marked with "Creative Commons Attribution" for public use.

Free #autumn #dress pattern for fashion #dolls @

  Today’s free pattern for a Barbie-doll-sized dress may look familiar to some of my regular followers. That’s because I posted it last spring as the “Springtime Flutter Dress” pattern. However that dress was the sleeveless version, and it didn’t use a petticoat. This week’s “Sunflower Harvest Dress” version uses the same pattern, but we’ll be making it with a scalloped-edge petticoat and cap sleeve. … Continue reading Free #autumn #dress pattern for fashion #dolls @

This document is a free printable sewing pattern for an apron that will fit most 11.5 inch dolls. The apron can be used as a pinafore, as it does wrap around a doll's waist and tie at the back, but the straps of the apron are fixed in place, much like a full-dress pinafore. This apron has functional pockets and is also available to make as a reversible apron. It will fit dolls in the size range of Barbies, Liv Dolls, Momoko dolls, Queens of Africa, Francie, Midge, and many similar-sized fashion dolls. This apron comes with a free tutorial showing you how to make it as a pinafore to be worn over our "harvest" style sunflower dress. Visit to get the free tutorial videos and the pattern for the dress as well.

#Dolls’ #Harvest Apron #Sewing Pattern @

This is the pattern for the “harvest apron” project that I showed in yesterday’s preview photos. It’s the same pattern that we used to make the reversible hairdresser’s apron (published here on in July of 2017). However in the latest project, I’ll be using this pattern as a one-sided apron–almost more of a pinafore–over the top of my sunflower dress for 11.5-inch fashion dolls … Continue reading #Dolls’ #Harvest Apron #Sewing Pattern @

The image shows a free printable sewing pattern for a very basic easy-to-sew pattern for a felt shirt that's designed to fit 18-inch dolls (46 cm dolls) like American Girl dolls, Madame Alexander dolls, Journey Girls, and many similar-sized dolls. On the pattern itself, it shows Kaya, the 18-inch AG doll, wearing a pair of nautical-style summer shorts and a felt shirt, both of which were handmade using patterns from This pattern was also used to make the felt shirt shown on a 46 cm Madame Alexander doll which is pictured with the pattern. This pattern comes with a measurement tool, to make sure you're printing it correctly. It also has a free tutorial video showing how to sew it together. This pattern is ideal for beginners and children who are new to sewing. It's a very easy pattern to follow. It has been marked with "Creative Commons Attribution" which means you're allowed to use the pattern, but please let people know where you got this pattern. Share the pattern on social media with a link to the website where you found it. The image is also watermarked " free printable patterns and tutorials" for making dolls' clothes.

Free #patterns for 18-inch #dolls’ easy- #sew shirt @

It doesn’t get easier than this! Here’s my free printable pattern for an easy-to-sew felt shirt, which is designed to fit 18-inch (46 cm) dolls like American Girl and Madame Alexander dolls (among others). Tomorrow I’ll post my tutorial showing you how to sew it together. Remember the Creative Commons Attribution mark on my patterns simply means that you may freely use my patterns, but … Continue reading Free #patterns for 18-inch #dolls’ easy- #sew shirt @

This image is a lined paper pattern for the basic bodice shape designed to fit 28-inch dolls like the new 28-inch Barbie, also called Just Play Barbie or Barbie Fashion Friend. Along with this free printable doll clothes pattern, there's a youtube tutorial video showing how to make this very basic shirt from felt. The pattern is marked with a "Creative Commons Attribution" symbol, and it is watermarked with, the website where it was first posted. If you choose to use this pattern, please honor its creative commons attribution mark by letting others know where you found this pattern. The pattern is free, printable, and very easy to make, suitable for beginners and those who are new to sewing. It is marked with a measurement tool and has images of the doll wearing a handmade felt shirt made with this pattern. The pattern doesn't include darts or other shaping tools, as it's just a very basic shirt pattern for 28" dolls.

#FREE shirt pattern for 28-inch fashion #dolls, like the #Fashion Friend Barbie

It doesn’t get much simpler than this easy-to-sew felt shirt pattern. I’ve marked it with a one-flower difficulty symbol, indicating that it truly is for the absolute beginner. As this pattern is designed to be used with felt, it’s inexpensive to sew, and I think you’ll find that felt fabric can be very forgiving. If you’re wanting to teach someone how to sew–even a small … Continue reading #FREE shirt pattern for 28-inch fashion #dolls, like the #Fashion Friend Barbie