Sew a pair of overalls for Ideal Velvet dolls with Chelly Wood’s free patterns #15inchDolls #DollCothesPattern

Scroll down to the second set of bullets for the free PDF sewing patterns.

Today’s tutorial video shows you how to sew a pair of overalls for vintage Velvet dolls from Ideal Toy Corp. According to Wikipedia, Velvet is the 15 inch cousin of 18 inch Ideal Crissy dolls, but when taking my own measurements, I’ve found Velvet to be closer to a 16 inch doll.

That’s why, in the video at the top of this page, I mention that you’ll need to take about an inch off the length of these overalls patterns, if you want to make them for Wellie Wishers.

The image shows a Vintage Ideal Velvet doll (from Crissy family of dolls) in red overalls with white floral short sleeved shirt and blue shoes. She stands in a room with a blue wall and a white floor. The Chelly Wood dot com logo appears in the lower right hand corner. Her "growing hair" has been lowered to mid-thigh length. She stands with her feed spread apart wide. The overalls are made of solid red cotton fabric, and they have a fitted bib with straps that come around from the back of the garment and snap in front.
Please visit for free printable sewing patterns for making doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and all different sizes.

This pattern isn’t for the beginners out there because it uses a yoke. I thought about giving it five flowers, on my difficulty scale, but I went with four flowers because you don’t have to use any special tools or buy notions that are uncommon, in order to make these.

However my tutorial video — which took me about seven hours to make, if you include the sewing steps, the photography, and the videography — ended up with a major glitch. When I cut out my back pieces, I used a prototype pattern.

Because of that, I discovered that my tutorial photographs show the back pieces opposite of the finalized pattern pieces. Ugh!

It won’t matter with the front section, which is pictured below, but it will be really confusing to you if you’re a beginner, when you see that my garment pieces for the back section are opposite of your own!

This is the JPG image from a free printable PDF sewing pattern for making overalls to fit 15 to 16 inch vintage Ideal Velvet dolls from Ideal Toy Corp. The patterns are marked with the Creative Commons Attribution symbol and the Chelly Wood dot com logo. Please share knowledge of where you got these patterns with anyone who would find the website helpful. offers free printable PDF sewing patterns for making doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and all different sizes. There's a whole gallery of free doll clothes patterns on Chelly Wood dot com for Ideal Velvet and another gallery of free doll clothes patterns to fit Ideal Crissy dolls.
Please visit for free printable sewing patterns for making doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and all different sizes.

I’m really sorry about that glitch, but after seven hours and two tries (I made a red pair of overalls and then later a blue pair), I decided to just get the tutorial and patterns published so I could move on to something else!

Sometimes, instead of (as my mother would say) “fiddle-farting around” with a sewing project for the “ump-teenth time” it’s better to call it good and walk away.

So yeah, it’s not for beginners. And yes, I probably should have given it five flowers. If you want to learn how my flower system works, by the way, just click here.

Visit for free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows a pattern of small pink flowers. One flower = super easy difficulty; two flowers = kind-of easy difficulty; three flowers = about average difficulty; four flowers = somewhat advanced level of difficulty; five flowers = very advanced level of difficulty. This chart is used to determine how hard a sewing project will be on, where free doll clothes patterns are posted nearly every week, along with sewing tutorials.
Visit for free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes.

But if you’re feeling brave enough to give my overalls pattern a try, you’ll need some cotton fabric, my pattern (which appears below), and some size 2/0 or 1/0 snaps.

That’s really all you need.

Today’s free printable PDF doll clothes sewing patterns will fit the following dolls:

*The dolls with an asterisk are able to fit into the torso of the overalls, but the length will need some alterations. Watch the video for guidelines.

And here are the patterns and tutorial videos you’re looking for:

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Is this pattern close to what you were looking for, but maybe you’re wishing the pattern was slightly different? If so, my Creative Spark class, “How to Alter Doll Clothes Patterns” may be just what you need to make these patterns into the pattern you see in your imagination.

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The image shows a vintage Velvet doll from Ideal, modeling a pair of handmade overalls with bell bottoms. The doll's retractable hair has been wound up, and it's only showing her hair as a shoulder-length bob. She stands in a room with a speckled purple and blue wall and a white floor. The doll stands with her feet together but her hands are spread out a bit, so you can see that the bellbottom overalls are well fitted to her figure. The fabric the overalls are made of look like a starry night sky, with different shades of deep blue and royal blue speckled with teeny-tiny white dots that remind us of stars in a night sky. Her blouse is a short-sleeved cotton blouse with a floral print, and its flowers are in different colors including two different shades of blue, red, pink, and yellow. The flowers' style of artistic design on this blouse is reminiscent of fabrics from a bygone era. The logo appears in one corner, reminding the viewer to go to Chelly Wood dot com for all the free, printable PDF sewing patterns for making these overalls and many other doll clothes items to fit vintage Velvet and a bunch of other dolls.
Please visit for free printable sewing patterns for making doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and all different sizes.

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2 thoughts on “Sew a pair of overalls for Ideal Velvet dolls with Chelly Wood’s free patterns #15inchDolls #DollCothesPattern

  1. Every time I see Your Website I’m amazed. I bought the set of Vintage Velvet and Crissy dolls at an Estate sale, still in the boxes. Boxes were a little worn out. Didn’t realize how many dolls were made, and to see you had a pair of overalls for Velvet. I’m excited to try them out as some of my Dolls need clothing.
    I love all my Vintage dolls. I also have Chatty Cathy’s. Your Site is wonderful!!!

    1. Still in their boxes? Do your retractable hair buttons work? Wow… What a find!

      I don’t own a Chatty Cathy, but I’m sure I will someday. And when I do, you can imagine there’ll be patterns for her on this site. Yes, there definitely will…

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment. ❤️

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