The image shows five little girls seated under an antique sewing machine. Each girl is hand-stitching doll clothes, and they are chatting. The artist's style is reminiscent of the Victorian era, as is the sewing machine and the sewing table it sits on. The overlay says, "Share your creations!" and offers the url, where you can submit photos of your hand-made doll clothes and doll craft projects.

New feature on #share your #handmade #doll stuff!

Last weekend I launched a new feature, here on the opportunity to share your handmade doll clothes and doll crafts. I frequently get “fan mail” from followers who have made something lovely, using my patterns and /or tutorial videos. I’ve gotten so many of these emails and comments, that I decided it was time to create a gallery especially for you. Here’s a link … Continue reading New feature on #share your #handmade #doll stuff!