Do you have time to help your school by sewing masks? Here’s a free pattern. #TeacherTuesday #BackToSchool

Please scroll down for the free PDF pattern

School begins in about a month, here in the state of Idaho, where I live. There’s a sense of urgency at schools because we’re scrambling to try to make sure the environment is as safe as it can be for our students and staff.

Have you thought about making masks for your school? Purchasing them will be costly for schools, so consider calling your school’s main office and ask if you can volunteer to help.

I’m re-posting my patterns and tutorials here for your convenience, but I’m also reaching out to all my followers to ask them to consider doing a little charity work by sewing free masks for your local schools.

Here are my free printable mask patterns and tutorial videos:

Another thing you can do to help schools is sign up to be a substitute teacher. I live and work in a very small town, so when a teacher gets sick, sometimes we can’t find anyone to sub for him or her. This is one of my concerns as I look forward to the coming school year. What will we do if three or four teachers are sick? Will we have to close schools again?

So if you have any free time at all, please consider becoming a substitute teacher. It will truly help!

If you want to know why I decided to post a face mask tutorial on this website which is basically a doll clothes sewing and family craft tutorial website, please click on this link. But even if you don’t click that link, please be aware that I am not an expert, especially in the fields of science or medicine. My area of specialty is doll clothing design, and I claim nothing more.

These are the masks I designed and have sewn for my own family, so I’m sharing them with my followers. That’s all.

And remember, this website gets its funding from views and visitors, so please share my “creative commons attribution” patterns and tutorials on social media to spread the love! Thank you!

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