Cloth Mask Making Family Craft Project w/FREE Patterns @ #familyentertainment for #lockdown

Please scroll down for the free PDF pattern

Today’s tutorial video is not the same one as the video I posted yesterday. The single-sided toddler-sized pattern and tutorial from yesterday was for my niece who is not quite 4 years old. She’s young, so I didn’t think she would willingly wear the reversible cloth mask that I show you how to make in today’s video.

My regular followers  know that I’m not an expert in surgical masks; in fact, as it says in the video, I’m best known for my family craft projects and free doll clothes sewing patterns. To learn how to find some of my free craft project and doll clothes patterns, please visit the Home page.

Here are the patterns and one other tutorial:

If you want to know why I decided to post a face mask tutorial on this website which is basically a doll clothes sewing and family craft tutorial website, please click on this link. But even if you don’t click that link, please be aware that I am not an expert, especially in the fields of science or medicine. My area of specialty is doll clothing design, and I claim nothing more.

These are the masks I designed and have sewn for my own family, so I’m sharing them with my followers. That’s all.

And remember, this website gets its funding from views and visitors, so please share my “creative commons attribution” patterns and tutorials on social media to spread the love! Thank you!

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