The image shows a 6-inch Breyer classic rider doll on horseback. She wears a handmade T-shirt and shorts. The overlay says, "free doll shirt pattern" and offers the URL (which is where you can find the free pattern for the shirt and shorts).

Let’s sew a shirt for 6″ (17 cm) dolls @ #miniature #dollclothes

  Today’s free printable PDF sewing pattern fits 6″ dolls (17 cm) like the Breyer classic rider dolls and many dollhouse dolls in the 1:12 scale size range. The tutorial video above will show you how to make the T-shirt found on today’s pattern, which you’re free to download here: Free printable PDF sewing pattern for doll clothes that fit 6″ (15 cm) dolls I … Continue reading Let’s sew a shirt for 6″ (17 cm) dolls @ #miniature #dollclothes