How to make a tea towel with my free towel topper pattern @ #crafty #kitchen

Here’s the free printable sewing pattern for making these adorable, reversible kitchen towels:

Just follow the instructions in the video, and you’ll find that these towels are so simple to make, you’ll want to make a dozen of them!

What a nice gift for Grandma, Aunt Sally, and the lady who lives next door!

I personalized mine for my sister, but as it says in the video, that’s really not necessary. However, my lesson shows you that even creating your own patterns for appliqué letters is a cinch. I embroidered around the edges of my appliqué letters for a nice contrasting effect.

Use the image below to share a photo of this towel topper design. Here are some helpful ways to tell the world about my patterns: offers free, printable sewing patterns and tutorials. Image shows two tea towels. Their tops are made of yellow kitty-cat fabric, and these tops fold over and button down, so they can easily hang from a handle on a refrigerator or stove. They have applique letters that spell out the name Sarah. The towels themselves say home = love. Altogether, the towels read, "Sarah's home equals love."

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