This image shows a Tammy doll wearing a pair of handmade shorts of argyle patterned fabric. The overlay says "free shorts pattern" and offers the URL where you can download the free printable sewing pattern in pdf sewing patterns format for making these shorts, plus a shirt and a pair of pants to fit vintage Tammy dolls from the Ideal Toy Corporation. This image is a header for a YouTube video. If you click on it, the video includes written and spoken instructions for sewing a pair of shorts for Tammy dolls.

Sew a summer outfit for vintage Tammy #dolls w/free PDF #Patterns @

Today I’m sharing my shorts/ pants and sleeveless top patterns for Tammy dolls. You saw this pattern earlier this year, when I posted it as pajama pants. But I’ve created a tutorial showing how to make the shorts now, so it’s time to re-post. So here are all the patterns and tutorials you’ll need to make this week’s shorts-plus-felt-top combo to fit vintage Tammy dolls … Continue reading Sew a summer outfit for vintage Tammy #dolls w/free PDF #Patterns @