Craft Fair Preparations Part 4: How to Build a #CraftShow Booth with #Dolls and #Dioramas

PART 4: How to Build a Craft Show Booth 

Last weekend I participated in a craft fair, and throughout this week, I’ve been posting tips for anyone else who would like to do a craft show, doll-and-bear show, or even a booth at a swap meet where you could sell your handmade things.

My friend Dodi was my booth partner. She’s the owner of Dodi’s Shop of Stuff (miniatures and other collectible goods) on eBay. I really appreciated having Dodi there, not just to keep me company, but there are many benefits to sharing a booth spot.

If you go together on the cost of a craft show slot, it not only saves you money on the overall cost of the booth, but you can offer each other relief to take meal breaks and to do a little shopping of your own. We actually split the cost three ways, sharing with a third lady named Terry, and because of that, we didn’t have to worry as much about covering the cost of our booth with sales.

Today’s video shows me putting together my booth. Mine was an advertising booth, where I told people about my free patterns and handed out fliers with free patterns printed on them.

However both Dodi and Terry were selling their crafty creations. Regardless of our purpose, I think we all had a lot of fun, and as you’ll see in the video, having fun is an important part of the equation.

If you participate in craft fairs and/or craft shows, feel free to leave comments with your tricks and tips!

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  1. How you did this really is amazing. I was there watching ( since I was right next to you) and never realized how easy you made it look. Now that I have seen the finished presentation, I must say you are very creative. I know quite a few people took interest with your displays and got joy from visiting with you. Keep up the good work and fun projects

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