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Please click here for all the patterns and tutorial videos you’ll need to make this outfit for your vintage Velvet dolls: (coming soon)

As you can see in the image above, the pants pattern I’m providing today fits your vintage Velvet doll like a pair of “ankle pants” rather than full-length trousers. The shirt is a bit of a tight fit too, considering that Velvet dolls have that hair-growing knob in their backs.

But here’s a rear view of the shirt, so you can see that I did get the shirt to wrap all the way around her:

The image shows a vintage Velvet doll wearing a handmade shirt and pants. Visit to download the free printable sewing patterns for this outfit.
Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes.

Here are all the patterns and tutorials you’ll need to make the outfit shown in the image above, but please be advised that today’s pattern post is a re-post.

So when I first posted these patterns and tutorials, I was showing them on a different doll. Don’t let that throw you off; these patterns DO fit Velvet, as you can see in the photos I’ve provided, and these tutorials are the right videos to accompany these patterns:

For your general information, this shirt and pants combo will also fit the Hearts for Hearts Girls, as you can see in the image below:

Click here for all the patterns and tutorials you’ll need to make the outfit you see here:

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4 thoughts on “Free Patterns and Tutorials for #Vintage Velvet #Dolls Pants and Shirt @

  1. Hi, I’m becoming addicted to your patterns for 14 to 16 inch dolls.
    I’d dearly love a dress, along the idea of a fitted bust with an A line .
    Your generousity in sharing your patterns I’m sure is much appreciated by those of us who have recently become grandparents.
    Thank you very, very much for the effort for the sunshine I’m sure your efforts have brought into a many a little child’s life.

    1. What a thoughtful comment! Thank you!

      It looks like your comment appears on a Vintage Velvet doll’s page. Are you sewing for a doll that’s about Velvet’s size?

      Velvet can wear a lot of patterns that Wellies and H4H dolls also wear, so if you want to expand beyond Velvet dolls, try the patterns on those other dolls’ galleries, here on

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