The image shows a BFC Ink doll standing next to a Hearts for Hearts Girl (Consuelo). They both wear felt shirts with no sleeves. The BFC Ink doll's clothes can be described like this: white felt sleeveless top with blue plaid skirt that has knife pleats. The skirt is knee-length on the BFC Ink doll. The Hearts4Hearts doll's clothes can be described thus: pink sleeveless top with knee-length polka dot skirt. The image is part of a hashtag tape measure Tuesday measurements comparison on, which is meant to help doll clothes sewists / seamstresses with doll measurements for sewing projects. The image should be compared to another similar image toward the bottom of the blog post, in which the two dolls stand side by side again, but wearing each other's clothing in a clothes swap.

Let’s measure BFC Ink #dolls on #TapeMeasureTuesday and compare to a 14″ #doll

This week’s sewing project not only fits the little 14 inch (35.5 cm) Hearts for Hearts Girls, but surprisingly, it can also fit the 18 inch (45 cm) tall BFC Ink dolls. How can this be possible? Here are the sewing measurements for both dolls: BFC Ink Neck circumference… 9.5 cm Neck to shoulder seam… 3 cm Bust… 20.4 cm Collar to true waist… 8 … Continue reading Let’s measure BFC Ink #dolls on #TapeMeasureTuesday and compare to a 14″ #doll