The image leads to a video embedded (with permission) from My Froggy Stuff on YouTube. It shows how to make a no-sew tutu for Barbie dolls using a hairband made of elastic or rubber band with knotted tulle wrapped around it. This featured image is a white tulle tutu made using the method shown on the MyFroggyStuff YouTube channel. Credit was given to the creators at MyFroggyStuff

#FridayFollow : Make a #NoSew #Dolls’ Tutu with MyFroggyStuff–an amazing YouTuber!

Anybody who knows and loves Barbie has heard of MyFroggyStuff on YouTube. If you’re not following “Froggy” already, well… you should be. As you know, here on, we’ve been making a tutu, swimsuit, and/or figure skating leotard for 28″ Barbie dolls (or similar-sized dolls), and as part of the outfit, you will need a no-sew doll tutu. Today’s tutorial video was made by the … Continue reading #FridayFollow : Make a #NoSew #Dolls’ Tutu with MyFroggyStuff–an amazing YouTuber!