#FridayFollow: Here’s a #FollowUp on DodisShopOfStuff Barbie #dolls’ supplies…

When I posted my first #FridayFollow on January 11, I told you I was following Dodi’s Shop of Stuff on eBay because they had such a great selection of cool Barbie collectibles and miniatures. But at that time, I had not yet purchased anything from Dodi’s Shop of Stuff.

Well today I’m sharing my unboxing of a set of “Little Extras” shoes for Posable Barbies.

Now Dodi states very clearly on her eBay store item postings that these shoes are for “Flat Footed Posable Dolls,” and if you know your Barbie collectible facts, you’ll know that Mattel made these Posable Dolls for a brief time, I believe from the late 1990’s to the early 2000’s. (If you can find exact dates, please leave a comment or send the link to me via my Submit a Question form.)

However in this video, I try the shoes on 12 different dolls. Some of my dolls do fit in the shoes, and one variety of dolls fits the shoes wonderfully! Watch the video to see what I learned…

If you’re interested in buying some of these Mattel “Little Extras” shoes, Dodi’s Shop of Stuff on eBay has them up for sale at what I think is a fairly reasonable price (considering they’re a hard-to-find size). But you’ll have to beat me to them, because I’m probably going to buy more for my dolls!

4 thoughts on “#FridayFollow: Here’s a #FollowUp on DodisShopOfStuff Barbie #dolls’ supplies…

    1. Yes A Chelly doll would be a greatt addition to my collection. However I am blessed to know the real Chelly and she is a doll!

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