The image shows a package of size six underpants in a package labeled "Family Dollar" and the accompanying article is about how you can purchase a set of five or six underpants in jersey fabrics and use these fabrics for doll clothes sewing projects. The article is found at, a doll clothes sewing website that offers FREE printable sewing patterns for doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes, including everything from very tiny dolls to quite large dolls.

Find matching #fabric using this unusual #crafty #hack: underwear packs!

When I’m sewing for a doll as tiny as the 6.5-inch American Girl doll, I always feel like it’s a shame to buy a full yard of fabric for such a tiny little doll. Sure, I can use fat quarters from JoAnn’s Fabrics and Crafts, but sometimes you want to get a selection of jersey fabrics that all match. That can get expensive! So here’s … Continue reading Find matching #fabric using this unusual #crafty #hack: underwear packs!

This video header shows three Liv dolls, a vintage Francie, and a Tall Barbie wearing shoes called "Little Extras" which were designed to fit Posable Barbies from the late 1990's and early 2000's. The video offers a shoe swap hack showing doll clothes designer Chelly Wood trying the "Little Extras" shoes on twelve different dolls from different doll makers. This shoe hack /shoe swap is supposed to help people decide whether or not to buy "Little Extras" shoes for their dolls. It also shows how this package of shoes can really benefit your collection.

#FridayFollow: Here’s a #FollowUp on DodisShopOfStuff Barbie #dolls’ supplies…

When I posted my first #FridayFollow on January 11, I told you I was following Dodi’s Shop of Stuff on eBay because they had such a great selection of cool Barbie collectibles and miniatures. But at that time, I had not yet purchased anything from Dodi’s Shop of Stuff. Well today I’m sharing my unboxing of a set of “Little Extras” shoes for Posable Barbies. … Continue reading #FridayFollow: Here’s a #FollowUp on DodisShopOfStuff Barbie #dolls’ supplies…