Let’s sew a skirt for 18″ dolls! FREE patterns @ ChellyWood.com #patterns #dolls #sewing

Yesterday I posted the free pattern for making this very basic skirt for 18″ dolls like American Girl and Madame Alexander. Today I’m showing you how to make it.

But just in case you missed the pattern in yesterday’s post, here it is again:

Need help printing my free patterns? Not sure how to whipstitch a hem?  This page is designed to help.

Remember that my videos and patterns are posted with a “Creative Commons Attribution” mark, so please share these videos, patterns, and photos on social media to help spread the word that my “free doll clothes patterns” website exists!

Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Let’s sew a skirt for 18″ dolls! FREE patterns @ ChellyWood.com #patterns #dolls #sewing

  1. Would love to have measurements, at least approximate, for the elastic lenghts. Also, what is the seam allowance for these patterns, 1/2inch, 1/4 inch?

    1. Hi Jolene. Thank you for leaving a comment.

      Patterns are marked with seam allowances, and my #TapeMeasureTuesday blog posts were dedicated to offering comparative measurements for dolls (like comparing the 18″ Crissy doll’s measurements to the 18″ AG dolls’ measurements), but I’ve discontinued that feature due to low blog stats. Essentially, very few followers were reading those blog posts.

      But to answer your question, my 18″ Kaya doll has a 10.5 inch (27.7 cm) waist, so I recommend cutting your elastic about 11 inches long to allow for two 1/4 inch seams on either side.

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