The image shows an 8" baby doll wearing a handmade doll dress designed with little holiday snowflakes. The overlay says, "8-inch Baby doll Dress" and offers the URL, where you can find the free patterns and easy-to-follow DIY tutorial videos showing how to sew this baby doll dress to fit 8-inch baby dolls like the one shown in the image (a bibi doll from the Lil cutesies collection made by JC toys).

8-inch Baby #Dolls’ Dress with FREE #Sewing #Patterns and #DIY Tutorial @

Below you’ll find a link to the FREE printable sewing pattern for making the 8″ baby doll dress shown in the pattern: Free printable sewing pattern for 8-inch baby doll dress I’ve designed this dress to fit the Lil’ Cutesies dolls from JC Toys, but it will likely fit other dolls in the 8″ size range as well. Now this dress is relatively easy to … Continue reading 8-inch Baby #Dolls’ Dress with FREE #Sewing #Patterns and #DIY Tutorial @