The image shows Mattel's "Broad Ken" doll modeling a pair of plaid pajama pants made with a free printable sewing pattern (like a pdf pattern but using google docs to print the patterns) for pants to fit the broad sized ken dolls. The overlay offers the website where you can find the free printable sewing pattern for these ken doll pants: (offering free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes).

#Sewing Measurements for Broad Ken #Dolls @

The pattern above (also available here) not only fits GI Joe action figures, but it also fits the new Broad Ken dolls. I recently received a question from one of my followers about the differences between Broad Ken and Original Ken dolls. This is an important question, because the tinier the doll clothes, the more essential it is to get every inch–or in this case … Continue reading #Sewing Measurements for Broad Ken #Dolls @