Fun #sewing project for a #holiday dress for baby #dolls comes with free #patterns and tutorial video @

This Lil Cutesie doll from JC Toys is so adorable in the candy cane holiday dress that I made for her!

If you want to make this dress, simply download the free printable sewing patterns below and follow the instructions in the video tutorial above:

Need help printing patterns? View this tutorial video for help.

On my difficulty scale, I’d say this baby doll dress project would receive about three flowers, making it about average.


4 thoughts on “Fun #sewing project for a #holiday dress for baby #dolls comes with free #patterns and tutorial video @

  1. My sweet little Ella has a 11 inch baby doll for which I designed a outfit that looked like a long coat outfit and socks and pillow and blankets but she needs a dress or skirt with a blouse. I could probably adjust a 12 inch one but do you have anything for a 11 inch baby doll?
    Ps any kind of patterns would be great!

    1. Your Ella sounds absolutely precious! I don’t have any patterns for 11″ baby dolls at this time, but allow me to make a suggestion, if you will: cut the 12″ baby doll dress bodice out of felt and baste it together at the shoulders and side seams. Try it on Ella’s dolly, and see if it fits. If not, make adjustments to the pattern accordingly.

      This is one of the many methods I use for alterations and pattern design. When I get my book published, it will include this tip along with others, to help folks like you do pattern alterations quickly and easily.

      I sure hope this helps. 🙂

    1. Thank you for offering your suggestion.

      I create printed directions when I am paid to design commercial patterns for a doll or action figure company. However printed directions can take a lot longer to make than a video with sub-text. Since this website offers all the patterns for free, I’m not earning a significant salary from this website yet. And since I don’t enjoy typing the directions, I do prefer to skip that step.

      But I do appreciate your thoughts! I try to keep an open mind about what people want on this site, even if it’s not something I would have considered. But I tend to lean toward creating patterns and tutorials that are really a lot of fun for me personally.

      And I thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. It’s always nice to hear from my followers! 🙂

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