#Sew a pair of baby #dolls’ #felt booties w/free #patterns from ChellyWood.com

Image shows an 8" baby doll wearing a handmade dress, shoes, and diaper. This is the Lil Cutesies doll "Bibi" from JC Toys. The overlay says, "ChellyWood.com" which is a website offering free printable sewing patterns and tutorials to show you how to make this doll's outfit: a dress, a diaper, and soft shoes for 8-inch baby dolls. All of these items have free printable sewing patterns designed to fit 8 inch baby dolls. The free doll clothes patterns are free to download and print on your home computer, tablet, or laptop.
Please visit ChellyWood.com for FREE printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes.

This week I’m going to show you how to make the adorable, easy-to-sew felt booties that this Lil’ Cutesie doll is wearing with her holiday snowflake dress.

Tomorrow you’ll get the free, printable sewing pattern for the baby doll booties (or slippers or shoes). Then on Wednesday, I’ll be posting the video tutorial.

I posted the patterns and tutorials for the holiday snowflake dress last week, so scroll down through the main page to find those free patterns and tutorials.

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