#Grinch fleece hat #patterns are free @ ChellyWood.com for #sewing #Christmas gifts

Like the scarf project that I posted yesterday, this “Grinch” hat will make a wonderful Christmas gift, and it’s relatively quick to make. You will need to download these two patterns before you begin:

Need help downloading my free, printable sewing patterns? Click here for an instructional tutorial on how to download my free printable baby doll dress pattern and other doll clothes patterns.

Polar fleece has a lot of “give,” and I tried to make my patterns one-size-fits-all. In fact, I tried the hat on myself, my husband, and each of my children and discovered it does fit all of us (although it was a bit roomy on my youngest daughter).

I’m giving this project three flowers on my difficulty scale. It’s not as easy to make as yesterday’s scarf project, but most people who have a little sewing practice could probably sew it without any problems.

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