This image shows the cover page for a YouTube tutorial that demonstrates how to sew a pair of shorts to fit most 18-inch or 46 cm dolls, like American Girl dolls, Madame Alexander dolls, vintage Crissy dolls, Journey Girls, and a number of other 18-inch or 46 centimeter dolls. The image shows the doll's hip area. She wears a pair of hand-made shorts with a nautical print theme that is dotted with images of anchors and sailboats and tiny red fish. The headline reads simply, "Doll shorts" and offers the URL, which is where you can find the free printable sewing pattern for making these doll shorts.

#Sew shorts for your 18-inch #dolls w/this free #sewing pattern

Monday I posted a preview, showing images of three different dolls who can fit into my free nautical shorts patterns for 18-inch dolls. Tuesday I posted the free printable sewing pattern for making the shorts that fit 18″ dolls. Today I’m sharing the video tutorial I’ve made, to help guide you as you sew the shorts for your 18 inch dolls. Just to make sure … Continue reading #Sew shorts for your 18-inch #dolls w/this free #sewing pattern

The image shows a free pattern for a pair of doll shorts. The title on the shorts pattern says, "Free 18-inch dolls' Shorts Pattern" and it offers instructions for how to print the pattern, what seam allowances to use, and where to hem the garment. The header that accompanies this doll shorts pattern offers the dolls that can easily fit into this shorts pattern, stating, "Free Printable Shorts Pattern for 18-inch Dolls Like American Girl Doll, Vintage Crissy Dolls, and 18" Madame Alexander Dolls." These three dolls are pictured wearing the hand-made shorts, which use a pattern showing tiny nautical prints of anchors and little sailboats. The watermark on this free printable doll shorts pattern says, " free patterns and tutorials." the pattern also displays the "Creative commons attribution" symbol, meaning that anyone is allowed to use this pattern for their own creative projects, but they must also mention that they got the pattern here, on

Free printable shorts #patterns for #AmericanGirl and other 18-inch #dolls

This week I’m going to show you how to sew my “Nautical Shorts,” which as we saw in yesterday’s preview post, will fit most 18-inch dolls, including American Girl dolls, Madame Alexander dolls, and even the Vintage Crissy doll that I displayed in yesterday’s post. At the top of this post, you will find my free, printable sewing pattern, but it’s a little easier to … Continue reading Free printable shorts #patterns for #AmericanGirl and other 18-inch #dolls

This image shows a Kaya doll from American Girl doll company wearing handmade shorts and an easy-to-sew sleeveless shirt. She appears to be playing on a sandy beach, with splashing water around her feet. Her home-made flip-flops look like they're floating on the water. The watermark on this image says, " free printable patterns and tutorials."

#Sew shorts for 18-inch dolls with’s free #sewing #patterns!

Last week and the week before, we learned to make the swimsuit that my 18-inch Madame Alexander doll is wearing in the photo above.  This week we’re going to make the nautical-style shorts that my Kaya doll (from American Girl) is modeling for us in these photos. Of course, if the shorts fit AG dolls, they’ll probably fit my 18 inch Madame Alexander doll too, right? … Continue reading #Sew shorts for 18-inch dolls with’s free #sewing #patterns!

Click on the link above for the tutorial video. This image shows a spool of thread and the text says, "How to Knot When Sewing" (meaning when one sews by hand). The tutorial associated with this image is found at

How to Tie a Knot Using a Needle and Thread @ #crafts #diy #Embroidery

When it comes to sewing by hand and doing hand embroidery, tying knots is essential stuff! Usually, though, when I’m doing embroidery, I don’t dip the needle into the fabric like it shows in the video; instead, I dip the needle into a stitch that’s on the underside of the design… then I make my knot. It works the same way though, generally. I’ve been … Continue reading How to Tie a Knot Using a Needle and Thread @ #crafts #diy #Embroidery

Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. This free tutorial video shows you how to do a basic feather stitch when embroidering by hand. The image shows the feather stitch as red thread on a light green background. The title says, "Feather stitch" and offers the website,, where you can view free tutorials on many embroidery stitches including the feather stitch, whipstitch, backstitch, and many others. His hand embroidery tutorial specifically addresses how to make the feather stitch when doing embroidery.

How to do a feather stitch #embroidery #design @ #crafts

This is yet another video tutorial that shows one of the stitches I used in my windmill pincushion design. I have not yet posted the windmill pincushion pattern, but I’m hoping to post it in November. That should allow any of my interested followers enough time to make one of these cute pincushions and give it away as a Christmas gift (for those of you … Continue reading How to do a feather stitch #embroidery #design @ #crafts

The image shows the thumbnail for a YouTube tutorial video showing how to sew a bikini swimsuit for 18-inch dolls like American Girl dolls and Madame Alexander dolls. The American Girl doll called Kaya is shown modeling this two-piece swimsuit for dolls, and her swimsuit forms a training-bra-style bikini top and briefs or bikini bottoms that go up to her true waist. The watermark on this youtube header says "," the website where the free pattern for this 18-inch doll swimsuit pattern can be downloaded and printed for free. The words on the youtube tutorial header state: "Doll bikini Part 2" because this is the second tutorial in the series.

Today’s #tutorial shows how to make a #dolls swimsuit top @ w/FREE #patterns!

Here’s the tutorial for the 18-inch doll bikini swimsuit top that I’ve been tooting my own horn about! I’m really excited about this swimsuit project, and I hope you really enjoy making it! As a reminder, this swimsuit pattern uses jersey fabric, but you could probably just as easily use real swimsuit fabric for it. In addition to making a bikini out of this free … Continue reading Today’s #tutorial shows how to make a #dolls swimsuit top @ w/FREE #patterns!

This is a printable sewing pattern for a bikini swimsuit top or a training bra to fit 18-inch dolls like American Girl, Madame Alexander, Journey Girls, My Life As Dolls, Our Generation dolls, Dollie & Me dolls, and most other 18-inch or 46 cm dolls. It is shown on the pattern itself, as a hand-made bikini being worn by Kaya the AG doll. The pattern is marked with a "Creative Commons Attribution" symbol, which means you are free to use the pattern but you must tell where you got the pattern. The watermark on this free printable sewing pattern for a doll's swimsuit top says "" and suggests that free tutorial videos accompany the pattern on YouTube.

Free #AGdoll swimsuit top or #dolls’ training bra #pattern @

Need help downloading my free printable sewing patterns for 18 inch dolls? Here’s a link to my “How to Download and Print Patterns” tutorial video. It also helps if you use a direct link, like this one: Free printable sewing pattern for 18-inch doll bikini swimsuit top If you aren’t a regular follower at, you might be wondering where the swimsuit bottoms pattern is. … Continue reading Free #AGdoll swimsuit top or #dolls’ training bra #pattern @

Swimsuit bikini top for #AmericanGirlDolls and other 18 inch #dolls–free #patterns @

In the image above, you can see my Kaya doll (from American Girl doll company) modeling my latest pattern for a bikini swimsuit. This week I’ll be offering the free patterns and tutorials for the swimsuit top, which could potentially be used to make a dolly “training bra” if you wanted to. This 18-inch doll swimsuit pattern will fit most 18 inch (46 cm) dolls … Continue reading Swimsuit bikini top for #AmericanGirlDolls and other 18 inch #dolls–free #patterns @