The image shows a free printable paper pattern for sewing a pair of shorts to fit a 28-inch doll like Mattel's 28-inch Just Play "best fashion friends" or "just my size" Barbie dolls. There are similar-sized dolls, like the Disney "Frozen" Elsa doll (38 inches tall). These shorts are designed to fit the 28-inch dolls specifically, and the free pattern also has a tutorial video showing you how to sew it. All patterns and videos are free through the website which appears on this pattern.

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Today I’m posting my free printable sewing pattern for shorts to fit the 28-inch dolls like Mattel’s 28-inch Just Play Barbie (also called Best Fashion Friend). Based only on the pictures, I would guess this pattern also fits the 28-inch “Descendents” dolls, which are available from WalMart. For your convenience, here’s a link to the shorts pattern in .jpg (easy to download) format: Free printable … Continue reading #crafty and free printable shorts #patterns for 28-inch #dolls @