The image shows Mattel's "Just Play" best fashion friend barbie doll, which stands at 28 inches tall. She wears a hand-made pair of shorts with nautical-themed fabric print and a felt hand-made shirt. She's an African-American doll with her hair pulled back in a pony tail. The title header says, "28-inch doll shorts" and offers the URL, where you can find both the free printable sewing patterns for 28 inch dolls, but also the tutorial videos that show you step by step, how to sew each item of doll clothing. It's likely that these free 28 inch doll patterns not only fit Mattel's 28 inch Barbie, but they may also fit the Disney Descendants 28 inch dolls as well.

Let’s sew some shorts for 28-inch #dolls @! #sewing #crafts

Yesterday I gave you the free pattern. Are you ready to sew these adorable shorts now? For your convenience, I’m re-posting the free, printable sewing pattern for these adorable nautical-themed 28-inch dolls’ shorts right here: Free printable sewing pattern for 28-inch dolls’ shorts These shorts are designed to fit the 28-inch dolls like Mattel’s 28-inch Just Play Barbie (sometimes called Best Fashion Friend). I would also … Continue reading Let’s sew some shorts for 28-inch #dolls @! #sewing #crafts