The image shows a close-up of the whipped running stitch (an embroidery stitch used for decoration). It also has the heading, "Whipped Running Stitch" but it should also be noted that this embroidery stitch is sometimes called the "cordonnet stitch". This is a header for a youtube tutorial video showing how to do the cordonnet stitch (how to do a whipped running stitch). The image also shows the website where more embroidery tutorials like this one can be found:

How to do a whipped running stitch or cordonnet stitch in #embroidery @

As many of you know, I sew a lot of my doll clothes by hand. You may not realize that as part of my passion for the needle and thread, I also do a bit of hand embroidery. Every now and then, you’ll see that some of my doll clothes will have embroidered edges, in my videos. The whipped running stitch (sometimes called a cordonnet … Continue reading How to do a whipped running stitch or cordonnet stitch in #embroidery @

The image shows American Girl doll Kaya wearing a hand-made bikini which includes the bikini top and the bikini bottoms. The overlay says "Doll Bikini part 1" and offers the URL "" as the location for the free pattern for this doll swimsuit. The pattern will fit most 18" dolls (18-inch dolls = apprx. 46 cm). That means this swimsuit pattern will fit Madame Alexander dolls as well as AG dolls. It's likely this free swimsuit pattern will also fit Journey Girls and similar sized dolls. Instructions for downloading and sewing together this free bikini pattern are found at along with hundreds of other doll clothes patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes.

#FREE bikini bottoms or underwear patterns for your #AGdoll or other 18-inch #dolls @

Here’s everything you’ll need to make a pair of bikini bottoms or underpants for your 18-inch dolls: Pattern for bikini bottoms FRONT Pattern for bikini bottoms BACK As I’ve said in earlier posts, next week I’ll be posting the pattern for a bikini top to go with the bottoms. These free printable sewing patterns will fit American Girl dolls, Madame Alexander dolls and many other … Continue reading #FREE bikini bottoms or underwear patterns for your #AGdoll or other 18-inch #dolls @

The image shows a free pattern for a pair of underpants or a swimsuit bottom (bikini bottoms) to fit 18" dolls. You can find this free 18 inch doll swimsuit pattern at (the watermark on the pattern). This pattern shows two dolls wearing the hand-made underwear or bikini bottoms: an 18-inch Madame Alexander doll and an 18 inch American Girl doll. The pattern itself is marked with a "Creative Commons Attribution" symbol.

Let’s sew a #dolls swimsuit for #AGdolls or #MadameAlexander @!

Here’s the second of two free patterns for the bikini bottoms we’re making this week on Yesterday’s post had the BACK side for this pattern; today I give you the FRONT pattern. Tomorrow I’ll post a video tutorial, showing you how to sew the swimsuit bottoms (or panties). Then next week, I’ll post the pattern and tutorial for the swimsuit top. As the heading … Continue reading Let’s sew a #dolls swimsuit for #AGdolls or #MadameAlexander @!

This is a free printable sewing pattern for the back part of an 18-inch doll's bikini bottoms (swimsuit lower half for a two-piece swimsuit). The pattern includes instructions for seam allowances and it offers a URL where free video tutorials will show how to make the swimsuit or underwear: Photographs of an 18 inch American Girl doll and an 18 inch Madame Alexander doll are shown on the pattern with the dolls modeling the swimsuit. There's also a close-up photo of the doll's lower half wearing the bikini bottoms. The pattern is marked with a "Creative Commons Attribution" symbol.

Free 18-inch #dolls’ underwear or swimsuit #sewing #pattern

Here’s the back portion of the bikini swimsuit bottoms pattern. Tomorrow I’ll post the front side of the pattern. For easy download, try clicking here. You can also follow the instructions in this video tutorial if you need help printing your patterns. As I said in yesterday’s post, this pattern will fit most 18-inch dolls, like American Girl, Madame Alexander, and similar-sized dolls. The funny-looking edge around … Continue reading Free 18-inch #dolls’ underwear or swimsuit #sewing #pattern

The image shows an 18-inch American Girl doll (Kaya) and an 18 inch Madame Alexander doll playing on a beach. The beach is a home-made diorama including a table cloth-covered wall that looks like a blue sky with quilt-batting clouds overhead and vellum wrapping paper with tinsel on top to look like water on a fake-sand beach. The two dolls seem to be enjoying the sunshine as friends at the beach. The image has a watermark that says " free doll clothes patterns and more." The Madame Alexander doll wears a blue bikini that has been hand-sewn. Its fabric is dotted with little popsicles. The American Girl doll wears a hand-made felt shirt with nautical-print cotton shorts (also sewn by hand). Both girls wear DIY sandals to match.

It’s the end of #August and my #dolls are enjoying the #BeachLife @

Here we see my American Girl doll with her friend, my Madame Alexander. These two doll-friends really remind me of myself and my cousin, Virginia. I was always afraid of the water, and Virginia would dive in before she even got her swimsuit on! Speaking of swimsuits, guess what I’m going to offer as a free pattern this week… Yep, this week I’m going to … Continue reading It’s the end of #August and my #dolls are enjoying the #BeachLife @

The image shows Mattel's Curvy Barbie modeling a hand-made shirt with cloth-covered tiny buttons. Each button is encompassed by a floss loop, all hand-made by the seamstress who blogs here, at

Where to Buy Buttons, Zippers, and Buckles for #Dolls, #Crafts, and #Sewing

On my “Submit a Question” page, I often hear the question, “Where can I buy tiny buttons for my doll clothes?” From time to time, people also ask me for advice on zippers and buckles. I use Etsy for tiny doll buttons, tiny zippers, and similar sewing notions, but I generally buy my tiny snaps from Jo-Ann’s Fabrics. Jo-Ann’s does have an online store, but … Continue reading Where to Buy Buttons, Zippers, and Buckles for #Dolls, #Crafts, and #Sewing

The image shows an enlarged whip stitch along the edge of a felt swatch which has been whip stitched onto cotton fabric. The whipstitch pattern is at a slight angle, and it uses red yarn to connect the two swatches (the cotton and the felt) to one another. Overlay states, "Whip Stitch" as this is the YouTube header for a tutorial video showing how to make a whip stitch using embroidery floss. This tutorial shows the stitching-by-hand method. It also tells the name of the blog where this instructional youtube whip stitch tutorial video can be found:

New Whip Stitch #Tutorial for Hand #Sewing and #Embroidery @

In today’s tutorial, I’ve mentioned a lighthouse pincushion. That free pattern is not yet available, but once I get the necessary stitchery tutorials completed, I’ll post that free pattern as well. My goal is to have the pattern for the pincushion posted well before Christmas, so you could make this pincushion and give it away to fellow sewists as a Christmas gift (if you celebrate … Continue reading New Whip Stitch #Tutorial for Hand #Sewing and #Embroidery @

Thi image shows a 14-inch or 15-inch doll wearing a hand-sewn shirt made of felt with tiny doll buttons (in the matching white color of the shirt) embellishing the front of the little doll's shirt. The doll is a Consuelo doll from the Hearts for Hearts Girls line of dolls, but this doll clothes sewing tutorial and the free printable sewing pattern for making the felt shirt are also marked to indicate that the free doll clothes pattern for this felt shirt will fit 14 inch dolls, 16 inch dolls, and 15 inch dolls. The URL is on the video's header: (a website that offers free printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes).

#Felt #doll shirt free #sewing pattern fits 14-inch, 15-inch, or 16-inch #dolls @

Here’s the tutorial showing you how to sew together the free shirt pattern that’s available at the link below: Free shirt pattern for basic felt shirt to fit 14-inch dolls like Hearts for Hearts Girls Free shirt pattern for basic felt shirt to fit 15-inch dolls like Wellie Wishers from American Girl doll company Free shirt pattern for basic felt shirt to fit 16-inch dolls … Continue reading #Felt #doll shirt free #sewing pattern fits 14-inch, 15-inch, or 16-inch #dolls @

This image is a free printable doll clothes pattern for making a felt shirt that will fit 14 inch dolls like the Hearts for Hearts girl dolls, 15 inch dolls like the Wellie Wisher dolls from American Girl doll company, and 16 inch dolls like the Velvet doll that belongs to the Ideal toy company's Crissy doll family of dolls. This pattern is free and has been marked with the "Creative Commons Attribution" symbol, which means you're welcome to use this pattern and adapt it, but you need to give credit to where you found the original pattern. The dolls shown wearing this free doll clothes shirt pattern are Velvet 16 inch doll, Consuelo 14 inch doll and Kendall the 15 inch doll.

Free #sewing pattern for a #felt shirt to fit 14 inch, 15 inch, and 16 inch #dolls @

It’s a little easier to download and print this free doll shirt pattern if you use this link. I’ve also got a new tutorial showing how to download and print my free patterns, in case you’re new to that. Click here to view my helpful “How to print patterns” tutorial. Yesterday I gave you the preview of the adorable outfits you can make using this … Continue reading Free #sewing pattern for a #felt shirt to fit 14 inch, 15 inch, and 16 inch #dolls @

The image shows Ideal's 16" Velvet doll wearing hand-made doll clothes along side a 14-inch doll (Hearts4Hearts) and a 15-inch doll (Wellie Wisher). Velvet is a vintage doll and is the cousin of the Crissy doll, from the Ideal toy company. Velvet's handmade doll clothes are made with free printable sewing patterns found at These skirt patterns and shirt patterns are designed to fit all three dolls, so the dolls can swap clothing. These free patterns are easy to download and print, and each free doll clothes pattern comes with a youtube tutorial that shows you instructions for making the outfits using the free patterns. Vintage Velvet doll stands at 16 inches tall, and these patterns will fit her easily.

Free Shirt Pattern for 14 inch, 15 inch, and 16 inch #Dolls @ #Sewing 4#Kids

Last week we made the skirts. This week we’re going to sew up some cute little felt shirts to go with our back-to-school skirts. Once again, this week’s free pattern for a felt shirt will fit the 14-inch Hearts4Hearts Girl doll (Consuelo is pictured in the center above), the 15-inch Wellie Wisher doll (my Kendall doll is on the right), and the 16-inch Crissy/Velvet doll from … Continue reading Free Shirt Pattern for 14 inch, 15 inch, and 16 inch #Dolls @ #Sewing 4#Kids

The image shows a paper doll or jointed puppet pattern for use with biographies in a school classroom. The image says "Biography 'Puppet' Pattern" and offers brief instructions. There's a watermark on the pattern offering the URL, and the pattern itself is marked with a "Creative Commons Attribution" symbol.

#Biography puppet pattern and an ironic #BackToSchool #story

As most of you know, I design doll clothes patterns for fun, but in my day job, I work as a school librarian. It’s a little-known fact that I’ve also made paper doll patterns from time to time, like the one you see pictured above. (Scroll down for my free, printable paper doll “puppet” pattern.) The image shown above was a project I started working … Continue reading #Biography puppet pattern and an ironic #BackToSchool #story

The image shows a hand-made doll skirt in three different fabric patterns. One pattern is floral; another uses tiny rainbow-colored polka dots, and the third is pink with larger white polka dots. The dolls wearing these skirts are (in the same order as the description of each skirt) a 16-inch Velvet doll from the Ideal Toy Company (vintage doll from the 1970's), Consuelo the Hearts-for hearts girl doll who stands at 14 inches tall, and the 15-inch Wellie Wisher doll called Kendall (made by the American Girl doll company). The overlay on the photo says "Easy DIY doll skirt" and offers the website where the free patterns for making this back-to-school mini-skirt can be downloaded and printed for free.

Free back-to-#school skirt #pattern for #HeartsForHearts #Dolls @

Earlier this week I gave you the free patterns for sewing these adorable skirts, but just in case you missed those blog posts, here they are again: Pattern 1 for back-to-school skirt Pattern 2 for back-to-school skirt As you’ll see in the video, you need to cut out each pattern and tape them together before using them to measure your fabric for the skirt. If … Continue reading Free back-to-#school skirt #pattern for #HeartsForHearts #Dolls @