The image shows a printer that has paper in the back. A pattern for making a doll's handkerchief head covering is being printed at the front of the printer. The wording on theis youtube video's header says, "How to Print Patterns" and offers the URL (a website that offers free, printable sewing patterns for making doll clothes and other craft items).

How to Print #Sewing #Patterns for #Dolls’ Clothes @

Recently someone visiting this website politely asked me how to print the free doll clothes patterns on my website. I pointed them to the “How to Print Patterns” tutorial that’s in the margin (you have to have a laptop or desktop computer to see the margin). However, there were still questions after viewing the video I’ve provided. So I went back to view my own … Continue reading How to Print #Sewing #Patterns for #Dolls’ Clothes @