Image shows an 18" doll like madame alexander dolls, journey girls, american girl dolls, crissy dolls, and more wearing a hand sewn summer shirt that's like a halter top or tank top. The overlay for this tutorial video says, "18-inch doll summer shirt" and that's exactly what this tutorial video shows you how to sew. It's a DIY tutorial video showing you how to make a summer shirt for 18 inch dolls. the watermark says "" which is where you can find the free doll clothes patterns for 18" dolls like the one shown in this vidoe.

@American_Girl or 18-inch #Dolls #Summer Top #DIY w/FREE #Patterns @

On Monday I showed you a preview of the summer top. On Tuesday, I gave you the free pattern. Today’s Wednesday, and here’s my tutorial video showing you exactly how to sew this cute little summer halter top /tank top shirt that’s designed to fit 18″ dolls like American Girl dolls, Madame Alexander dolls, and similar-sized dolls. I usually offer a chance to print those … Continue reading @American_Girl or 18-inch #Dolls #Summer Top #DIY w/FREE #Patterns @