Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns and tutorials. The image shows a Spin Master Liv doll fashion doll wearing an apron and standing beside her sewing machine. Beside her is a handmade doll dress on a 1:6 scale dress form mannequin and in the foreground, it says, "How to use a needle threader" with an arrow pointing to a cameo-style needle threader tool used by seamstresses and sewists. The URL provided on the image is

#Dolls’ #sewing #tutorial: How to use a needle threader #dolling video!

Aleah, here’s the video I promised you! Sorry I’m posting this so late, everyone. It’s 8:30 PM where I live, and I’m just getting the video finalized and posted. (Normally I try to post in the morning so everyone can view my post during the day, but I’ve been very busy this summer.) Hopefully this tutorial will come in handy for those of you new … Continue reading #Dolls’ #sewing #tutorial: How to use a needle threader #dolling video!