Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns and craft tutorials. This image shows a multi-colored couched filling stitch and offers the overlay of the website where this embroidery tutorial video can be found. The tutorial teaches the step-by-step embroidery lesson for the couched filling stitch. This is a hand embroidery tutorial video lesson, which is posted on YouTube for free.

#Embroidery: Couched Filling Stitch Hand Embroidery #Tutorial

I’m sort of backpedaling today. Last Christmas I created a pattern for an adorable windmill pincushion. I’ve never posted the pattern, but in order to make the windmill pincushion, I’ll also need to create tutorials showing how to make the various embroidery stitches I used for the windmill pincushion project. So in this video, you’ll see my adorable windmill pincushion. However that pattern isn’t available … Continue reading #Embroidery: Couched Filling Stitch Hand Embroidery #Tutorial