Easy #craft project: #Barbie wedding day veil #DIY

This easy-to-make Barbie wedding day veil project requires very little sewing, so even though the final product looks super fancy, don’t be discouraged. Even crafters who feel challenged when asked to sew something will find this DIY craft project super easy to make!

What you will need are the following items:

  • a white pipe cleaner (also called a chenille stem)
  • 1/8 inch ribbon (but probably 1/4 inch ribbon will work just as well)
  • a swatch of lace that has a finished edge on two sides

I show this veil as part of the Tall Barbie wedding ensemble, but I actually have a number of ball gown patterns on my gallery page; any of these patterns could be used to make a wedding dress. All you’d have to do is use white fabric to  make any of them, and voila! You have a wedding dress!

Take a look through these links to see what some of your wedding dress options are:

There are lots of other dress styles, including some that aren’t floor-length gowns. Just browse through my gallery page to see what suits you, imagining the dresses in all-white.

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