This is a printable pattern for male fashion dolls' shirts with a collar and jeans. It will fit a slender Ken doll or Spin Master Jake dolls or Hunter Huntsman or other male dolls from the Ever After High collection. The pattern shows an image of Spin Master Jake wearing the jeans and shirt. This is half of the complete pattern. The other page includes the pattern for a tie and the rest of the shirt pattern.

Free printable Ken #dolls clothes #sewing #patterns @

  Yesterday’s shirt pattern was only a partial pattern. Today I’m sharing the rest of that free dress shirt pattern, along with a jeans pattern, and both of these will fit Mattel’s Ken, Spin Master Jake dolls, Ever After High male dolls, and many other male fashion dolls. Unfortunately, these patterns will not fit G.I. Joe dolls. Here’s a link to the pattern page, where … Continue reading Free printable Ken #dolls clothes #sewing #patterns @