Visit for FREE printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows a YouTube video header that says "Romeo and Juliet "Act 1" with the URL subtly written below the marquee. There's also an image of a male doll in hand-made Renaissance clothing holding the delicate hand of a female doll in Renaissance clothing. This marquee is for a video that features dolls in a stop-motion version of Romeo and Juliet. has produced this film. The marquee indicates it's only Act 1 of Romeo and Juliet with dolls. Go to to view the stop-motion video with dolls.

#Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet with #Dolls @

Here it is! The long-awaited stop-motion production of Romeo and Juliet “Act I” with dolls. This project has been underway for four years, and I’ve finally compiled enough photos and stop-motion clips to put it all together–all the way through Act V. I spent last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday working on film production. That’s where I add all the talk bubbles, music, sounds, and transitions. Since … Continue reading #Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet with #Dolls @

Sew some Renaissance 3 Musketeer Cosplay Clothes for Your Curvy Barbie Fashion Dolls w/free patterns @

I can’t believe how cute that Renaissance outfit is on my Curvy Barbie! As I said in yesterday’s post, I’m feeling nostalgic about my blog and my old patterns. When I first designed these patterns, they were roughly done with a Sharpie marker and a ruler. Since then, I’ve learned to make my patterns digitally. New patterns also include the following special features: a measurement … Continue reading Sew some Renaissance 3 Musketeer Cosplay Clothes for Your Curvy Barbie Fashion Dolls w/free patterns @

Visit for FREE printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows Mattel's "Curvy" Barbie wearing a musketeer-style outfit, complete with Renaissance coat, feathered hat, tights, and laced-up boots. She stands in an art gallery with a painting of Romeo and Juliet on the spackled wall behind her. Overlay offers the website where the FREE printable patterns for this outfit can be found:

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Does this outfit look familiar? It’s one of the earliest outfits that I posted here on I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this “Musketeer” outfit (minus the pants and original boots) will actually fit Curvy Barbie®! So this week I’m going to be nostalgic. We’re going to look back at this outfit, piece by piece, and I’m going to offer you newly re-mastered … Continue reading #RomeoAndJuliet w/ #Dolls @

Image shows a young woman's fingers holding a pink spool of thread. Overlay says, "How to Buy Thread" and offers the URL

How to Buy Thread When #Sewing for #Dolls @

Last week I gave you a few pointers on how to buy fabric for sewing doll clothes, but did you know some threads are definitely not the best choice for sewing doll clothes also? This video tutorial shows you how to buy your thread with these questions in mind: What fabric will you be using? Are you planning to sew by hand or machine? Are … Continue reading How to Buy Thread When #Sewing for #Dolls @

Image shows Mattel's Made-to-Move Barbie wearing a hand-made wedding dress with a one-shoulder design. The wedding dress's skirt is flared. Overlay says, "Easy DIY Wedding Gown" and offers the URL for patterns and free tutorial to make this wedding dress.

FREE Barbie #Dolls Wedding Dress #Patterns

Here’s the wedding dress tutorial to go with the patterns I posted on Tuesday and Wednesday. For your convenience, here are the links to those free printable patterns for a fashion doll one-shoulder wedding dress once again: Bodice pattern Skirt pattern For those of you who are familiar with my difficulty scale, I’ve marked this pattern with two flowers, which means this is a pretty … Continue reading FREE Barbie #Dolls Wedding Dress #Patterns

Image shows a free, printable sewing pattern for a fashion doll wedding gown skirt, petticoat, and overlay. This pattern is designed to fit Barbie, Liv Dolls, and other 11.5 inch fashion dolls of a similar shape and size. On the pattern itself, the "Creative Commons Attribution" symbol is displayed, indicating that the pattern is free for people to use, as long as they tell people where the pattern came from. The pattern is stamped with the watermark for the following website:

FREE Wedding Gown #Patterns for Barbie #Dolls @

Yesterday I gave you the pattern for the one-shoulder bodice on this week’s wedding dress sewing project. Today I’m giving you the pattern for the skirt for this fashion doll wedding dress, which is designed to fit Mattel’s Barbie®, Spin Master Liv™ dolls, Momoko™ dolls, and similar-sized fashion dolls (11-inch to 11.5-inch). Although we’re using felt for the bodice on this project, we’ll be using … Continue reading FREE Wedding Gown #Patterns for Barbie #Dolls @

Image shows three bodice patterns for fashion doll gowns. One is a strapless gown's bodice pattern. The second is a bodice with straps. The third bodice pattern is for a one-shoulder bodice for wedding gowns. These bodices fit 11.5 inch fashion dolls like Barbie, Momoko dolls, Spin Master Liv dolls, and similar-sized dolls. Pattern fits most Barbies. This free fashion doll wedding dress bodice pattern is free and printable. The wedding dress skirt pattern is also free and printable, and it's available at, along with several tutorial videos showing how to make the various dress options. Each bodice has the "Creative Commons Attribution" mark on them. Overlay offers the website where these wedding dress patterns for Barbies (and similar sized fashion dolls) are being offered:

FREE Barbie #Dolls Wedding Dress #Patterns @

As you can see, this week’s Barbie®/fashion doll wedding dress pattern includes three different bodice styles. Looking back over the years, I find that my wedding dress, prom dress, and quinceañera dress patterns seem to get the most hits from new visitors to So I thought it might be a good idea to offer some new variations in these types of fancy formal gowns … Continue reading FREE Barbie #Dolls Wedding Dress #Patterns @

Image shows a made-to-move Barbie from Mattel wearing a handmade wedding gown. The bodice of the gown, which is made of felt, covers one of the doll's shoulders, leaving the other exposed. The bodice is spotted with silver polka dots. The skirt is pure white and gathered, with a silvery rick-rack decorating the bottom of the skirting. Her tiny white flat shoes peek out from under the long wedding gown. She stands before a purple wall that has two simple windows looking out at a cloudy sky. The doll's hair is blond with curls, and the overlay says, " FREE printable sewing patterns and more."

Barbie-#Dolls’-sized #Wedding Dress #Patterns

Last Friday I posted a poll, asking my followers to tell me which dolls they sew for most. With this information, I hope to offer a helpful variety of patterns for the coming year. Two weeks before that, I posted a poll asking what kinds of patterns and tutorials you’d like me to create. The results of that poll showed that most of you want … Continue reading Barbie-#Dolls’-sized #Wedding Dress #Patterns

Image shows a little doll seated at her sewing machine. Behind her is a doll-sized ironing board. Her tiny, pale blue coffee cup sits at the ready near her sewing machine. The overlay says, " free printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes."

Hey #Dollfriends! Which #Dolls do you #sew for?

My regular followers are aware that I’ve been setting goals for 2018 during the month of January. And I’ve been especially curious about who you are and what you want from my blog. I offered a poll on January 5th, and that first poll showed the following results: 32% of you want intermediate and beginner doll clothes patterns from 24% of you want doll crafts … Continue reading Hey #Dollfriends! Which #Dolls do you #sew for?

Image shows a caucasian person's fingers holding fabric that has been decorated with an array of bright-colored flowers. Overlay says, "How to Buy Fabric" and offers the URL

How to Buy #Crafty #Fabric for Making #Dolls Clothes

I was recently at the dentist office, and while visiting with the receptionist there, I mentioned that I make doll clothes. “I wish I could do that!” she said. So I told her about my sewing tutorials and explained that she can easily learn how to sew using YouTube tutorials just like mine. “But I don’t know how to buy material,” she said. Since I … Continue reading How to Buy #Crafty #Fabric for Making #Dolls Clothes

Image shows a fashion doll seated in a 1:6 scale wicker chair that has been painted white. She has one leg crossed over the other, and she's wearing a pair of 1:6 scale sized dolly bell bottom jeans. The overlays says "Doll Jeans DIY" and offers the URL

Let’s #Sew a Pair of #Jeans for #Dolls!

Let’s sew a pair of jeans for dolls today! As shown in this video, the pattern I posted yesterday will fit tall dolls like the Tall Barbie® from Mattel’s Fashionista line. But also, with a pair of high-heeled boots, it will fit a normal-sized (11.5-inch) fashion doll as well. Take a look back at Monday’s post to see how it looks on two different sized … Continue reading Let’s #Sew a Pair of #Jeans for #Dolls!

Image shows a lined, printable sewing pattern for each of the following: Barbie doll pants, a Barbie-sized elf hat, and a Barbie-sized (1:6 scale) Christmas stocking. Overlay offers the URL "" for patterns and tutorials.

Free #SewEasy pants pattern for TallBarbie #Fashionista #Dolls

If this pattern looks familiar, that’s because we saw it earlier, during the holiday season. It includes my Christmas stocking pattern and my elf hat pattern. For this week’s retro throwback ensemble, though, I’m featuring this pattern because of its bell-bottom style (or boot cut style) jeans or pants. If you look back at yesterday’s post, you’ll see how cute those bell bottoms look on … Continue reading Free #SewEasy pants pattern for TallBarbie #Fashionista #Dolls