Image of a clapboard like one uses in a Hollywood movie. It says "Production: Romeo and Juliet, Director: Chelly Wood, Camera: Reginald Stetson, Date: 2/27/16, Scene: Act 4, Scene 3, Take 2"

#Shakespeare’s #RomeoJuliet with #Dolls @ will be a sight to see!

We’re on the set of Romeo and Juliet today, watching the filming of Act 4, Scene 3 from behind the scenes. Check out that little clapboard I made from iClipart! (I just shrunk it down and printed it on cardstock paper, using two brads and an extra piece of black scrapbook paper for a hinge.) The doll who’s working the clapboard is my Traveler doll … Continue reading #Shakespeare’s #RomeoJuliet with #Dolls @ will be a sight to see!