Visit for FREE printable doll clothes patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows Tall Barbie, Curvy Barbie, Petite Barbie, Skipper, Kelly Doll, Chelsea Doll, and Polly Pocket all wearing handmade doll clothes. The patterns for each outfit shown in the image comes from, which is known for its FREE printable sewing patterns (and tutorials) for dolls of many shapes and sizes.

Doll #Photography Tip #7: Maintain Ratios

In the image above, I’ve included dolls from both a 1:6 scale (i.e. Mattel’s Barbie®) and a 1:9 scale (i.e. the Breyer® dolls). For a brief period, I used this image to demonstrate that offers FREE printable doll clothes sewing patterns for dolls of — as my catch-phrase states — many shapes and sizes. However I got a little bit of negative feedback from … Continue reading Doll #Photography Tip #7: Maintain Ratios