Image of ball jointed doll with handmade ironing board and cast iron flatiron. Overlay says, "Make an adjustable ironing board" implying the tutorial will show you how to make a doll-sized ironing board.

#DollFurniture DIY Projects in #Miniature @

For my regular followers, I realize you’ve seen this one before. Sorry! But my sewing room diorama wouldn’t be complete without my adjustable doll ironing board. For anyone who’s new to this site, you probably need the free pattern for the ironing board’s surface (which is also used for making the ironing board’s pretty cover). Just click that link above, and it’ll take you right … Continue reading #DollFurniture DIY Projects in #Miniature @

Image of red 1:6 scale doll dress form with a white stand. Overlay says, "DIY Doll Dress Form Repaint" where DIY stands for "do it yourself" as in, a "do-it-yourself" project.

#BarbieDoll #DressForm DIY for Your #Dolling Diorama @

Isn’t this a cute little dress form? I bought it on eBay (see link for seller) for a very reasonable price, but I didn’t really like the color. Its original color was black with a gold stand. As I wanted a red-white-and-turquoise theme for my sewing room, I decided a can of spray paint was all it would take to turn this “Barbie™ dress form” into … Continue reading #BarbieDoll #DressForm DIY for Your #Dolling Diorama @

Image of doll desk with tiny sewing machine, pin cushion, and sewing basket. The desk, rather than being traditional Barbie-doll-pink, is an oak-like brown color. Overlay says, "Fashion Doll Desk Remodel".

#FashionDoll Desk Remodel #Tutorial @

Want to know how I put together and re-painted this office-style desk for 1:6 scale dolls like Barbie and my Liv Doll? Here’s the tutorial to show you how. Now, I had a heck of a time putting this desk together for the first time because the instructions that come with the set aren’t very clearly explained, and nobody had ever made a tutorial showing … Continue reading #FashionDoll Desk Remodel #Tutorial @

Image of 1:6 scale doll armoire/cabinet filled with tiny miniatures. Overlay says, "Fashion Doll Armoire Repaint".

#DIY #Dollhouse Furniture Repaint Tutorial @

Repainting doll furniture isn’t as easy as you might think. How do you keep from painting windows and handles, for example? This video shows you the tips and tricks I’ve learned from all my doll collecting, diorama-expert friends and colleagues. Here’s a link to a similar armoire, which you can buy on Amazon or eBay. The Gloria Dollhouse Furniture sets are, of course, in 1:6 … Continue reading #DIY #Dollhouse Furniture Repaint Tutorial @

Image of fashion doll seated at a re-painted desk with miniature lamp, sewing machine, pin cushion, sewing basket, and tiny buttons. Overlay says, "Fashion Doll Diorama Tips and Tricks".

It’s #FashionDoll #Diorama Tutorial Week at! #BarbieCollector

Here’s a quick look at my new sewing room diorama. As my regular followers know, I design doll clothes patterns (see link for my free, printable doll clothes patterns). The Liv Doll you see in the header image is supposed to look like me, and now my doll has a little sewing room, in which she can design her doll clothes (using a computer and … Continue reading It’s #FashionDoll #Diorama Tutorial Week at! #BarbieCollector

Image of dress, hat, and vest, with overlay that states, "How to Design Doll Clothes."

Design #dollclothes for #Barbies or other #dolls

Since the new Curvy Barbie, Tall Barbie, and Petite Barbie dolls were introduced as part of Mattel’s Fashionista line, I’ve been getting a lot more questions on my website about how I design my own doll clothes patterns. It’s a little tricky, but in this video, I’ve tried to simplify the process for the lay person to attempt to do what I do. However if this … Continue reading Design #dollclothes for #Barbies or other #dolls

Image of Spin Master Liv Doll Jake wearing a pair of jeans with pockets. His hand is in his back pocket, and the overlay says, "Sew Jeans for Jake with Free Sewing pattern" and below that text is a watermark: Free Printable Sewing Patterns and Tutorials"

#Sew Spin Master Liv Doll Jake Some #DollClothes!

As I’ve said in earlier posts, the pattern for these jeans was designed specifically to fit Spin Master Liv Doll Jake. If you’re not familiar with the Liv Dolls, they were manufactured and distributed from 2009 to 2012, but Spin Master quit producing them. They have gorgeous, very realistic-looking eyes. But best of all, they are highly articulated. For those of us who enjoy doing … Continue reading #Sew Spin Master Liv Doll Jake Some #DollClothes!

#DIY Liv Doll Jake Clothes and GI Joe Clothes @

Need a fancy collared shirt that fits most fashion dolls and action figures? This male fashion doll shirt pattern will fit Ken dolls, the Liv Doll called Jake (from Spin Master), and even those powerful-fisted GI Joe dolls! If you need the pattern, just go back to yesterday’s post or visit my Free Doll Clothes Patterns page and look under “Doll Clothes for Male 12.5 inch or … Continue reading #DIY Liv Doll Jake Clothes and GI Joe Clothes @

Image of printable sewing pattern for male fashion doll clothes. Includes shirt front, shirt collar, shirt sleeve, and jeans patterns. Small print says, "Patterns use 1/4 inch seams. Please enlarge the pattern to fit an 11 x 8.5 inch sheet of American computer paper (216 x 279 mm) before printing. Visit to find the tutorial video to match this pattern.

GI Joe Clothes FREE #Sewing #Patterns @

Yes, I realize this pattern was posted last week, but just in case people missed it, I wanted to make sure I re-post the patterns before I show you how to make the shirt and jeans that are offered in these patterns. Here’s the second of the patterns you’ll need for this week’s sewing projects:   Okay, now that you have the patterns, let me … Continue reading GI Joe Clothes FREE #Sewing #Patterns @

Image of African American GI Joe doll seated in a wicker chair with a beach background. He wears a hand-made shirt, tie, and jeans. His plastic fedora is designed to look like it's made of straw, and he wears it tilted at an angle. Even shoe-less in the sand, he looks very dapper! Overlay says, " free printable doll clothes patterns and tutorials."

Let’s #Sew #DollClothes for Ken, Jake, or GI Joe w/ #FREEpatterns from

Last week I gave you the sewing pattern for the shirt you see GI Joe wearing in this shot. (I also gave you a tutorial for making a pair of pants and a tie to fit Ken or Jake dolls.) This week I’m going to show you how to make the shirt that uses last week’s patterns. I’ll post the patterns again, tomorrow, just to … Continue reading Let’s #Sew #DollClothes for Ken, Jake, or GI Joe w/ #FREEpatterns from

Image of Spin Master Liv Doll Jake wearing a collared shirt and tie, with overlay of words "FREE Tie Pattern for Fashion Dolls" and beneath it says

#Sew a Tie for Ken or Other Male Fashion #Dolls

This week I’ve started to share a number of patterns and tutorials, showing you how to make a dressy suit and tie for male fashion dolls like Ken. The tie tutorial I’m posting today, should show you how to make a fancy tie to fit any fashion doll or action figure, including G.I. Joe, Fashion Royalty dolls, Spin Master Jake (pictured in the video above), … Continue reading #Sew a Tie for Ken or Other Male Fashion #Dolls

Image of YouTube header stating, "Free Sewing Pattern for Pants to Fit Male Dolls." Below image of doll in shirt, tie, and dress pants, watermark states, " free patterns and tutorials for doll clothes."

Male #FashionDoll Pants Tutorial is FREE w/ #Sewing Pattern @

This past week I shared my patterns for the components to a business suit for Spin Master Liv Doll Jake. The patterns, as I said on Monday, will also fit Ken (although these pants fit Ken very snugly), and most likely, they’ll fit other male fashion dolls as well. Now I’m posting the tutorial for making the dressy trousers / pants, using the pattern I … Continue reading Male #FashionDoll Pants Tutorial is FREE w/ #Sewing Pattern @